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Enemy Self by Suzanne Kovitz - Guest Blogger Book Review

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WARNING: This work contains strong language and adult subject matter.

"I Have A Secret,
I'm Trapped In My Bully's Body!"
Jessica Wheaton, a sweet and innocent high school girl, suddenly finds herself transformed into the body of her bully, Denise Bower.
She lives Denise's life and experiences all the struggles Denise endures including child abuse, incest, drug experimentation, failing school grades, and dangerous relationships with men.
Finally escaping from an abusive home, Jessica (in the body of Denise) goes on a tumultuous journey of violence, drug addiction, rape and prostitution. She is in an endless search for love and true identity.
Will Jessica ever find a way to return to her body? Will she ever experience true love? How can she possibly defeat her enemy if she is her enemy?

(This book is similar to Freaky Friday but more of a drama)

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Jennifer's Review
Enemy Self is a good book that I really liked. 
It's a bit confusing, but very enjoyable to read. 
It's about a girl named Jessica who one day wakes up in a stranger's bed and believes that she is trapped in her enemy's body. Her enemy is none other than Denise, who is a drug addict with abusive parents. Jessica is forced to live as Denise and has all her memories and bad experiences. 
Soon, she begins to believe she really is Denise. Does she ever get her own body and memories back? Read Enemy Self if you've ever been bullied and see what it means to be in the bully's own shoes; maybe you will be able to understand why that person chose to become one.  
4 stars.

Author Bio
Suzanne Kovitz grew up in Baltimore County, Maryland. "Me, Myself & I" is her first short story posted on Amazon. "Enemy Self" is her first novel for young adults, crossing over to adult themes. Suzanne enjoys philosophy including paranormal and near-death experiences, graphic design, exercise, reading, kayaking, and travel. But more passionately, she loves interacting with her fans. Email her online at, or become a fan through social media:
Twitter @suzannekovitz

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