The story begins by following the sharill, Nysol as he and a group of space pirates he is with steal asteroid mining spacecraft from their enemies, the kisleem. Nysol leads the ship guards away from where his allies are headed and strands himself on a planet(that happens to be Earth) to keep them safe.
Once he lands on there, the first person Nysol runs into is Sean, who is out camping. Without much thought, Nysol zaps Sean with a beam that extracts an understanding of human language from him, so now he can understand and speak English. Unfortunately, the beam also knocks Sean down. Sean wakes up after a moment, but he is slightly confused now.
On the next day, Sean’s friend Lester Jones runs into him and Nysol. Because of the new confusion, Sean doesn’t recognize Lester. Lester sees Nysol as human. Worried about Sean’s health because of the strange memory problems, Lester and Nysol decide to get him to a doctor.
The two men and Dr. Amy Carter, who is trying to help Sean soon find themselves hunted by the Kisleem Alien Poit who is determined to take Nysol prisoner as his enemy. Nysol discovers that his attempted escape has become something of a trap for all of his new friends.

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Jennifer's Review
From Elsewhere is a very good book.  I liked it very much. 
It's about an alien named Nysol who steals a ship from the Kisleem(another race of aliens who look human). He lands on Earth to escape and meets a man named Sean. Sean has his mind messed with and loses his memories so the alien can speak English. 
Sean's friend Lester takes him to see a doctor, but they can't fix him. They soon meet a Kisleem who stuns them to sleep and tries to fix Sean's mind, but to no avail. 
Soon the Kisleem arrives with another Sharill who turns out to be none other than Nysol's girlfriend. She is stranded on Earth as punishment, so she and Nysol plot to escape Earth and be reunited with their people. 
Do they succeed? Does Sean even get his memories back? Read on to find out.
4 stars.

Author Bio
I live in Temple, Texas
I've always been a fan of Science fiction, and I write Sci-fi/Fantasy.
I've done little more than read and write for most of my adult life.
As an extension of my Speed of Darkness story, I call my work Noesis Books.