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From Mind to Body: You Can Do It by Reza Zarmehr - Book Blitz

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( particularly in Health & Fitness)
Date Published: Feb/2019

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You have goals, and you have plans to reach them.You may have a step-by-step process in
place for how you
re going to get there, maybe even complete with
milestones and a timeline. But have you considered the most important thing?

Have you conditioned your mind for success?

Mind conditioning goes beyond having a positive mindset. It means “working out” your
mind and elevating it to better habits of thinking, which in turn affects
everything you do, leading you closer and closer to what’s most important to
you. There are many factors that lead to a healthy and high-quality lifestyle;
one of the most important of those factors is how you program your mind, and in
turn, your body.

So how do you work out your mind? From Mind to Body will show you everything you
need to know to start conditioning yourself for success!

About the Author

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Reza Zarmehr is a 25-year weightlifting veteran and former world-class bodybuilder.
He knows exactly what it means to “work with what you don’t have.” With
determination at a young age, he trained with discipline and grew up to build
his career in his home country of Iran, which he continued to expand when he
came to Canada. Despite the personal and professional challenges that come with
moving to a new country with very little financial support, he grew his
business to become a life coach, fitness trainer, and osteopath.

He had the goal to become an industry leader in the health and wellness industry,
but he wasn’t sure how to get there. The secret, he learned years later, was
not to ask himself what he could do with what he had; instead, he learned to
ask himself how he could work around the things that he was missing. He asked
how he could take what he didn’t have and turn it into what he would have, and
what he would need. Asking questions in this way forced him to look at the
world differently—to focus on using the shadows to find the light. He began to
forge practical solutions in attaining his goals and chart reliable pathways
toward success.

Reza is always looking for new ways to help people reach their goals and thrive in
all areas of their lives. He is happy to bring you his second book, From Mind
to Body to help you do just that!

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