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Immortal Girl5 by Griffin Stark - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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Immortal Girl5
by Griffin Stark


GENRE: YA Fantasy



The year is 1095, Normandy, France. Five year old Skylar runs away into the woods to escape 
nuns who are convinced her inexplicable seizures are the work of satan. 
She survives after being adopted by wolves, when two mysterious strangers appear and reveal 
Skylar’s destiny to her. Skylar is the first of the Immortal Girls, destined to save humanity from itself.

Immortal Girl5 (January 22, 2019) follows Skylar, Rachel, Caitlin, Beth, and Bethany, five immortal 
sisters who, over the course of a thousand years, attempt to learn the purpose of their own existence 
while hunting down the worst criminals this world has ever seen. They’ve faced the likes of 
Jack the Ripper and the Nazis, but as a new enemy arises to threaten the sisters’ survival they’ll soon 
learn that immortality doesn’t mean forever.



Caitlin maintained her position. Her hair was cut short and a cap hung low on her face. 
Her trousers were dirty and rode up on her thin legs. The boy moved slowly toward her, 
his hands out in front of him to show he had neither sword nor bow and arrow. 
His face was friendly and welcoming.

“Come on now, no need to point your weapon at me; I mean no harm,” he tried to assure her, 
knowing that one wrong move would needlessly be the end of him. “Um, that was incredible how you 
sprang up so quickly and loaded your bow and arrow at the same time,” he said.


My Review 

 I was intrigued by the premise of this story, and that cover really spoke to me. 
It's gorgeous, and I knew I wanted to give this book a go.
Unfortunately, it did fall a little flat for me.

 Immortal Girl5 starts off a bit rushed, and it stays that way for the entirety of the book. The story,
while interesting and filled with potential, didn't give itself enough time to really develop.
There's little to no plot, no character development, and some serious editing issues to struggle through.

I found myself annoyed almost immediately with the weird insta-love that the book begins with,
but one second one of the girls is kissing one of the guys, and then she's kicking him away. I wasn't
sure what that was all about, but I kept reading, hoping it would get better.

While I did enjoy the historical aspects, bringing in figures like Joan of Arc and Anne Frank, the details 
weren't fleshed out enough to really give me anything to get excited about.
And having the girls exact revenge all the time didn't make them seem like heroes.
It made them seem like they were just being vindictive and awful for the sake of being awful.

I do wish this book had been better. The premise was a good one, and there was potential for it,
but it ultimately ended up disappointing me. 

Two stars.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

GRIFFIN STARK is an American author who proudly lives in Nashville, Tennessee. 
Even as a young child, Griffin had an active imagination. As an author of young adult fiction, 
he has harnessed his creativity to tell memorable stories filled with important life lessons.

Griffin served as a combat medic in The United States Air Force and later founded THE SHEEPDOG 
MOVEMENT to join in the fight against bullying of teens worldwide.

Visit to learn more about Griffin and his YA fantasy novel, Immortal Girl5.

Watch the Immortal Girl5 book trailer here:

And purchase a copy here:

Griffin Stark will be awarding a copy of the book (US ONLY) to a randomly drawn
winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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