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Life is Absurd by Michael Dirubio - Guest Blogger Book Review

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How bad is your life if you are in a prison nicknamed CRAP? A down on his luck comic strikes gold with new material written at the bottom of his life. The road to retention leads through small comedy clubs and theaters as our hero jokes through life. But will finally getting the attention and fame he deserves be that satisfying? What happens when you have everything you ever wanted thrown on your lap only to find you might not want it anymore?

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Jennifer's Review
It's a very funny book about the life of a comedian named Frankie Spatz who gets thrown in jail.
After being let out, he and a friend team up. Frankie writes jokes and performs in different clubs while his friend manages him. 
4 stars

Author Bio
Michael Dirubio is a new author on the scene writing hard science fiction. I swear never to write a book about an elf, a quest, or a sword. Not that there is anything wrong with fantasy, I love it! I just miss Heinlein, Poul Anderson and Asimov. I served twenty years in the US Military on submarines so my lack of social skills is perfectly suited to being a writer. I don't currently plan to write a huge series. I don't want to tie myself down to the same characters. I have some published now and ideas for about ten more in my head. I write fairly quickly so ideally I plan to put out a book a year.

Additionally, I think it is incumbent upon me to let you know I write simply for myself. I don't care for money or fame. If you have a criticism or I have made a mistake, please feel free to share it but I reserve the right to disregard all. I encourage anyone who thinks they can do better to please try. That's how I started: a simple premise: what if I were the program manger for a Mars Mission. I used my knowledge of the defense industry to look at that idea. My other books are similar, why did they do that? As for the rest, age, where I live and family? Unimportant but late fifties. I live in the bay area and have a long suffering wife. 

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