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Mervano by James Tingle - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Mervano is a tough, uncompromising New York cop with an attitude problem and an axe to grind with the world. One night, after avenging his wife's untimely death, he meets a mysterious stranger who turns his world upside down and sends him on a wild trip, far from the mean streets he is used to...

Enter an adventure that includes an uptight princess, a talking crow, a friendly young goblin boy and many other curious characters in a fun, fantastical journey, perfect for all fans of light, easy reading fantasy.

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Jennifer's Review
It is a very good book. I really enjoyed reading it. 
It's about a guy named Mervano who one day meets another person who gives him a pill. After taking it, Mervano begins to feel the effects and tells a story of being lost. Then he finds a castle and kills the king, then gets lost in a huge maze. 
While trying to find his way out, he meets a crow, a frog, then a goblin and the princess (and another thing), and they all travel together, trying to find their way back to the castle. 
Do they make it? 
Read on to find out what happens. 
4 stars. 

Author Bio
I was born in Huddersfield in 1981 and have lived here most of my life apart from a few years which were spent away at university- Manchester Metropolitan to be precise. I started my writing career by trying my hand at poetry and entered a collection into the Eric Gregory Awards a couple of years running, unfortunately never getting an award. I did however receive some praise for my collection from a published poet and reached the later stages of a competition.
It has only really been in the last few years that I have turned my attentions to novel writing as I felt that my poetry skills were perhaps not quite up to the standards of the very best out there and so I got down to producing my first novel Head of an Apostle followed by Soach and finally The Eternal Displeasure of Exertion which completed the trilogy.
I hope to continue writing novels and hope that these three so far will find at least a few who will enjoy them and hope to one day be able to boast of a small but passionate following... 

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