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Outremer 3: Into the Beginning by D.N. Carter - Book Tour

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Outremer 3: Into the Beginning
by D. N. Carter

For Alisha and Paul, their lives settle into a new routine of normality... but the world around them is changing rapidly and that calm routine is violently interrupted. Whilst Paul strives to learn as much as he can about the mysteries in Egypt, new people enter their lives that have direct, immediate and profound affects upon them and the direction they will follow. As confusion grows about their own beliefs so does whom they can trust. As mysteries from the past stretch out calling them, they have to make decisions that not only affect their lives, but the lives of countless thousands both then and now. The decisions they made helped shape the course of history.

Confronted by impossible choices and in making those decisions, they experience at first hand the painful realities and repercussions that threaten to destroy them completely as personal tragedies rip through their lives as a direct consequence. As friends become foes, and foes become friends, nothing will ever be the same again as explosive revelations about mankind’s true past and the Church are divulged that once learned can never be unlearned or forgotten... for truth once whispered, is still truth which only grows louder no matter how hard evil forces try to control and suppress it with fear, hate and war; forces Paul will have to confront head on in order to protect and safeguard a greater secret and legacy destined for all of us in or time.

Information about the Book

Title: Outremer lll: In The Beginning
Author: D. N. Carter
Release Date: 2nd April 2019
Genre: Historical Fiction
Page Count: 746
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing


Alexandria, Egypt, late April 1180

Paul lay awake looking at Alisha. He could see her smiling at him in the dim light of the bedroom. After their bout of training with Tenno and subsequent late night with their guests, both felt tired but could not sleep. They both looked towards the door as they heard Theodoric and Sister Lucy laugh out loud briefly then snigger in the opposite room.
“At their age…,” Paul whispered, joking, and put his arm around Alisha.
“I think it is wonderful they still feel so much love for each other. I hope we are the same when we get to their age,” Alisha whispered then moved her hand to unbutton her night shirt.
“Are you hot?” Paul asked quietly.
“I am…but, but I am wanting you…I wish to show you my love,” Alisha replied and smiled as she placed her hand near to his groin. Paul instinctively pulled away a little as her hand reached his groin gently rubbing her hand against him. “Do you not want me?” she asked softly and moved her hand away.
“Ali, it has been some while. Are you sure, I mean, can we?” Paul blurted out and pulled her close. His eyes immediately looked upon her cleavage as her night shirt pulled apart slightly.
“More than anything. I knew today as we trained that I was again ready…and I wanted you right there and then,” she replied and leaned into him and kissed him, her hand moving back down to his groin. She broke the kiss and looked at him. “Did not take much for you to respond did it?” she laughed quietly as Paul became aroused.
“Ali, what if you fall with child again?”
“I have been taking that silphium…and if I fall, then so be it, but I need to feel you…be a part of me as one.” “But I have not bathed properly.”
“Nor have I…,” she laughed as Paul rolled her onto her back and lay beside her looking down at her intently.
Quickly Paul sat up and pulled his night shirt over his head and flung it across the room, which made Alisha laugh. She started to unbutton her top until it hung loose completely open revealing her milky white stomach and breasts in stark contrast to the dark blue night shirt. Paul gently grabbed the waist band of her bed chausses, untied the fastening at the front and then pulled them down. She raised her legs so he could remove them completely and he threw them across the room, which made Alisha laugh again. She covered her mouth trying to quieten herself. Gently Paul moved himself between her knees and pushed them apart as he lowered himself between her thighs. Alisha raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist pulling him closer. He held himself up upon his elbows as he looked down at her as she lowered her legs so her feet were pressed against his upper thighs and pulled him even closer.
“I do not think this will last long,” Paul whispered and laughed.
“Then we shall have to repeat it and practise more,” Alisha smiled back and put her arms up and pulled him nearer. As Paul lowered himself further, he looked at her firm breasts and gently started to kiss between them and began to kiss toward her nipple. Alisha put her hands on his face and raised his head so he looked at her again. “My dear, if you kiss me there, be warned, you may get some of what Arri gets,” she laughed. Paul started to laugh as Alisha then moved her hips upwards toward him, instantly meeting Paul. “Just go gently this first time for I do not know how it will feel… but I am so unbelievably ready and wanting you,” she said softly.
Paul kissed her on the lips, her gentle response sending a surge of feeling through him as he tasted the sweetness of her kiss. He lowered his hand and delicately felt between Alisha’s thighs. He was already beginning to sweat from holding himself up on just his left arm. Alisha used her legs to pull him closer and he felt the soft wet warmth of her meet him.
“My beautiful Ali, you are most certainly ready…wetter than I have ever felt you,” Paul remarked.
“Probably wet myself then,” she joked back and laughed.
“That, my woman, is why I love you…for I truly feel as one with you,” Paul replied and very gently guided himself slowly toward her. He shuddered with joy as his senses exploded as Alisha opened up for him completely and he slowly penetrated her, her warmth slowly enveloping him as if for the first time. It felt more intense than when he had first made love to her. He suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotion and as if he would cry. He closed his eyes and stopped moving as Alisha tried to pull him closer and deeper inside her. He froze almost, shocked at the massive amount of emotion that was welling up inside of him.
“Paul…what is it, what is wrong?” Alisha asked softly wondering why he had stopped and closed his eyes. He opened them slowly and looked down at her as he took his weight upon both arms. He went to speak but words failed him. A single tear fell from his face and splashed upon her cheek. She gently wiped it then cupped his face with her hands. “Oh my dear dear man what is it?” she asked as Paul held his position and looked at her.
“Does it hurt or feel different after having Arri?” he finally asked.
“More sensitive…in a nice way, but no, Abi did a good job after the birth,” she answered and smiled. She moved her hand lower and started to gently feel herself and move her hips slightly. When Paul pushed down, he felt her hand as she pleasured herself faster. She started to moan and gyrate her hips. Paul could feel the surge in his loins build rapidly in intensity and tried to slow down his movements but Alisha wrapped her legs around him even tighter and pulled him inside her deeper. The muscles in his arms flexed and his face contorted as he tried to control himself, but Alisha laughed softly and pleasured herself harder as she felt Paul’s body shudder. She gasped as her senses became overwhelmed as her entire body suddenly and without warning climaxed. She wrapped her arms around Paul rapidly and pulled him very close and held him tightly as the orgasm flooded every sense of her being in a way she had never experienced before. She moaned and had to bite her bottom lip, but even then, as she felt Paul start to come inside her, his head beside hers as he fought to remain quiet, she bit into his shoulder. Her feet felt as if they were curling inwards. Paul shuddered involuntarily and he pushed his arms beneath her and hugged her tightly, as he let his body completely give into hers. Alisha kept thrusting her hips against him and jerked in spasms for several long minutes until her body started to come down and relax. She slowly ran her hands over his shoulders, now covered in sweat, but she did not care as he lay between her not moving or speaking a word.
The love making had been short but more intense than they had ever experienced before and it had taken them both by surprise. Paul softly kissed Alisha on her neck beside her ear, then her cheek and then upon her lips. He stopped as he heard Theodoric laugh out loud and moaned at the same time as Sister Lucy could be heard telling him to shush and quieten down. Alisha and Paul both laughed quietly. Alisha relaxed her legs down as Paul just lay between her, stroking her hair as he looked at her, her eyes wide and glistening. Softly he kissed her upon the lips again then rested his head beside hers, rolled himself sideways pulling her over with him so she lay on top of him. He pulled up the sheet over her back and as she rested her head upon his chest still joined as one she closed her eyes. She could hear his heart beating and with every minor movement from Paul, she jolted as the intense sensation still ran through her body. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they fell asleep.

Author Information

D. N. Carter was raised in Cyprus and has been fascinated by the history, myths and legends of the Middle Ages and mankind’s past since childhood. He has travelled extensively, his adventures fuelled by his enthusiasm for the ancient and the arcane have taken him from the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza, to the Languedoc region of France and the sweeping deserts of Arabia. Carter has a passion and a gift for decoding maps and mathematical codes, some of which feature in the pages of this book.

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