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Silk: Confessions of an Online Sex Worker by Vicarious Silk - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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Silk: Confessions of an Online Sex Worker
by Vicarious Silk

Adult Erotica

Silk brings fact and fantasy together in one continuous stream of stories
and memories of her life as an online sex worker. Working with men
seeking normal activities as well as fetish and erotic taboo.
Featuring everything from BDSM to naughty one-time encounters, Silk
takes you behind the scenes and introduces you to all the men and
women in her life. Follow her as she travels from mild-mannered
conservative woman to sex Goddess in one passionate year. Discover
the secret world of online sex worker’s inner thoughts and workings
with this up close and personal look at the men that frequently seek
them out. Meet the women that take care of these men one session at a time.

Silk is definitely an interesting book. I found it both fascinating and strange. And I have to give kudos to the author for finding her niche. 
This book contains some intriguing stories about the author's experience being an online sex worker. She talks about offering men everything from pictures and videos to an online girlfriend experience. Now, I consider myself a knowledgeable person, but I hadn't realized how in-depth and popular something like this was. I knew it happened, but reading Silk, it sort of blew my mind that it was so...I don't even know what word I'd use to describe it. 
I enjoyed the book, and it's definitely a unique look into the life of someone who is involved in this profession. It's kind of awesome and empowering in a way. 
There was a small part of the book I found a bit too strange for my liking, though. When the author discusses the men who had a 'mommy kink', I guess you can call it, I wasn't really keen on reading about that. I get it, but it's weird to me. But, to each their own. Whatever floats your boat.
I think the only thing that I had trouble with in the book was the editing issues. There were a lot of those. Punctuation errors, sentence fragments, etc. I think with some polishing, the book would definitely read much better. 
Overall, I found Silk to be a fascinating read. I'm rating it 3 stars.
Vicarious Silk, best known as Goddess Kiki Silk, makes her writing debut with
Silk Confessions of an Online Sex Worker. A middle-aged southern
woman that has moved into the lifestyle of an online sex worker.

Writing her memories, experiences, and sexy stories for everyone to enjoy.
Finding the humor in the daily work is an added bonus and creeps into
her writing both in books, short stories, and her blog. Follow Kiki
on her blog to find out more about this GILF.

When not writing she can be found working on various platforms gathering
new material.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!

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  1. Overall, I would be interested in picking up this book. However-- (and there is a "however"... I already have various concerns about what may or may not be presented in "Silk." Without having read any of the book, I can't say at this point. But based solely on the synopsis presented here, I'm wondering whether there might be some romanticizing or glamorizing, and/or some downplaying of the uglier sides of the sex trade industry-- "even if 'only'" the one that occurs online. ...I just have so many questions.
    Thank you for posting about this book; I'm really interested in looking at it further.


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