Monday, April 1, 2019

The Knight's Secret by Jeffrey Bardwell - Guest Blogger Book Review

Sir Corbin, retired Hero of Jerkum Pass, rides for honor, glory, and his pension with the aid of a magic ring. The knight’s mission takes him to the capital of the Iron Empire. The city is in an uproar. The emperor has been slain by rogue mages. The new empress is livid. Soon all mages are suspect . . . including Corbin’s daughter.

When Corbin dies on the eve of the mission, his granddaughter Kelsa dons his armor and his wrinkles to save her mother. Hidden behind the magic ring, she infiltrates his old regiment. The army has become a slithering nest of vipers. Imperial mages and cavalrymen move warily around each other. Both sides snare the disguised hero in tight coils of suspicion, politics, and lies. When the vengeful empress launches a vendetta against all mage kind, Kelsa must decide whether to save her family or preserve the empire.

Unravel The Knight’s Secret, the first fantasy adventure of The Mage Conspiracy series. Discover a world of lurid entanglements and political intrigue where lies cut deeper than any sword.

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a good book.

It’s about a girl named Kelsa whose grandfather passes away before he can be honored for his life. So Kelsa’s mother, who is a mage, comes up with a plan to send her father to the honor party. 
She uses her magic to change her daughter into her grandfather and gives her a ring that can allow Kelsa to change her appearance. 
So Kelsa, now looking like her grandfather, goes to the party and starts acting like her grandfather. The other mages and soldiers are fooled until the speech. 
What happens afterwards is too awful to mention, so if you want to know, read the book. 
2 stars.

Author Bio
Jeffrey Bardwell writes dark epic fantasy (it's a big, gritty world), gaslamp fantasy (steampunk and dragons galore), and romance fantasy with elements of intrigue (crossing swords is now a euphemism). All his stories are set in the Metal vs. Magic Universe where sorcery is bloody, science is greasy, and nobody's hands are clean.

The author's character-driven books are guaranteed to include elements of gritty realism, political intrigue, lurid entanglements, dry wit, and dragons in differing proportions. He devours fantasy and science fiction novels and is most comfortable basking near a warm wood stove. When not writing, Jeffrey enjoys cooking, gardening, and plucking the wyrms from his compost bin.

The author lives on a farm and in a prior life worked as a community ecologist. He has put more thought than any sane man ever should into dragon life history and dietary ontogeny. He is overfond of puns and alliteration. He is also an unabashed history and mythology enthusiast.

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