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Darkness Falls by AE Faulkner - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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Darkness Falls
Nature's Fury #1
by AE Faulkner
YA Dystopian

As nature tires of human destruction, two sisters must face a changing
environment that stands between them and survival.

When Quinn and Riley set out on a family vacation with their parents, the
trip ends before it begins. Mother Nature interferes with their
plans, setting off a sequence of events that thrusts the teens into a
hostile landscape.

Stranded, with limited supplies, struggling to figure out who they can trust
along the way, they must determine how to survive nature's evolving fury.

Darkness Falls is the first book in the Nature's Fury series. It tells the story of sisters Quinn and Riley who, after losing their parents, have to struggle to survive the aftermath of a massive earthquake. Stuck in a trailer with very little food and supplies, the girls must do whatever it takes to keep themselves safe and alive.
I have to say I did enjoy this book. It was a bit of a slow burn for me, though. I was expecting maybe a little more disaster from Mother Nature, but overall, it wasn't a bad read. I found myself feeling for the sisters as they tried their best to stay together. Creepy neighbor guy didn't exactly help with that, though.
I did like the little rag-tag group of friends that joins Quinn after Riley goes missing. They definitely don't have it easy once they set off on their journey to both find Riley and make it home.
And after that ending... I'm definitely curious to find out what's going to happen next. It was definitely an interesting little cliffhanger/tease. I can't wait!
I'm giving Darkness Falls 4 stars. It was a pretty good read that kept me intrigued, although I did want a little more action/disaster, I guess. That's just me, though. Check it out if you like dystopian fiction.

AE Faulkner is a young adult dystopian author. Her debut novel, Darkness
Falls, is the first book in the Nature's Fury series, which explores
the Earth’s response to humans poisoning her streams, abusing her
animals and destroying her beauty.

She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Millersville University
and a master’s degree in advertising, public relations &
journalism from Temple University.

Although she escaped in books as a child, college textbooks sucked the fun out
of reading. Years later, The Hunger Games trilogy became the spark
that rekindled her love of books. After devouring that series, she
quickly became captivated by dystopian novels.

After several years of reading them, she decided to take a stab at writing
one that combined her love for nature with her fear of human destruction

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