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Home to Kentucky by Thomas A. McCoy - Book Blitz

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The McCoys: Before The Feud, Book Two
Historical Fiction
Publisher: Western Presse Publishing
Published: February 2019

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A treacherous journey. Wagons packed with gold. Will the McCoys outrun a group of
lawmen or swing from the gallows?

Kansas, 1865. Wiley McCoy can’t wait to return home. He counts down the days until his
family can stop laying low and return to Kentucky with the rightfully plundered
valuables they took back for the South. But crossing the open prairie with four
wagons full of gold may bring Wiley a lethal set of new problems.

With desperate outlaws and opportunistic deserters at every turn, Wiley and the other
McCoys must watch their backs to survive. But they never expected their
greatest enemy to come in the form of ten brilliant Pinkerton detectives…

Can Wiley make it home before the lawmen slip a rope around his neck?

Home to Kentucky is the second book in The McCoys: Before the Feud saga of
historical Western novels. If you like determined heroes, realistic Southern
settings, and quests for justice, then you’ll love Thomas A. McCoy’s
treacherous wagon ride.

Other Books in the The McCoys Before The Feud Series:

 photo The McCoys Before The Feud book one_zpsotl0qczo.jpg

The McCoys Before The Feud
Publisher: Western Presse Publishing
Published: January 2019

A corrupt general. A stockpile of plundered Southern riches. Can a proud family
reclaim the gold for its rightful owners?

Kansas-Missouri border, 1865. Tommy McCoy burns for justice. Reeling from the end of the bloody Civil War, he learns that a corrupt Northern general has raided the bounty of
the Confederacy and plans to keep it. Tommy and his shrewd father vow to get
back the valuables for innocent Southern families or die trying.

With time running out before the general's reinforcements arrive, Tommy risks a
deadly confrontation in a series of secret raids. Can he secure the rightful
Confederate property before the North deals the McCoys a final crushing blow?

The McCoys: Before the Feud is the first book in a deeply-researched historical
Western saga. If you like dusty battles, a different point of view on
yesteryear, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Thomas A. McCoy’s
gripping tale of justice for the people.

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Back At The Ranch
The McCoys Before The Feud, Book Three
Publisher: Western Presse Publishing
Published: March 2019

Southern honor. Northern greed. The cost of failure could be their lives…

Kansas, 1865. Tommy McCoy sees a bright future ahead. After succeeding in several risky
raids to reclaim the South’s gold from a thieving Union general, he’s finally
back home with the woman he loves. But when Pinkerton detectives start snooping
around, he’s worried his temporary comfort will end with execution.

To keep his family safe, Tommy devises an ingenious but dicey plan to protect his
family from suspicion. After some of the McCoys refuse to take part in the high-stakes scheme, Tommy may lack the men he needs to outmaneuver the law one
final time…

Will Tommy evade the Pinkertons or will his family’s rightful property fill a
corrupt general’s pockets?

Back at the Ranch is the third book in the McCoys: Before the Feud historical
Western saga. If you like go-for-broke action, clever twists, and turns, and
good people fighting for what’s right, then you’ll love Thomas A. McCoy’s
riveting adventure.

About the Author

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Thomas Allan McCoy is a direct descendant of the original McCoy family that was
involved in the start of the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys, and an
author of new Western books of realistic fiction.

His new book series, The McCoys Before The Feud, is about what the real McCoys
would have done during the events portrayed in the novels. Being direct a descendant of the real McCoys (The original family that started the feud) gives
him an insight as to their character and how their actions would have played out.

Thomas blends factual events of the 1860s with his own ideas and literary devices. The
writing in these new Western books is in the traditional Western style,
presented in an enjoyable, readable fashion that leads to entertaining
storylines and interconnected reading experience.

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