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Love Devotion Hell by C.T. Andersen - Book Blitz

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Memoir, Biography
Publisher: Page Publishing
Published: September 2018

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Love Devotion Hell from  author C.T. Andersen
is a true-to-life opus that presents the woeful truth of the world’s fall to
sin and how God showed his divine grace and brought salvation upon all.

Andersen wants readers to believe in who they are, no matter what others say about them,
even their own parents.

From the Author:

I never gave in to my mother's bully of or allowing her to use me as payment to
get a man.

My father told me I was a mistake,  I told my dad " I was not put on this planet for him or my mother. I was put here because God wanted me here and he chose
this form for me.

I was told because I was a girl I would never amount to anything more than a
mother and wife  and that I may not even be good at that.

My mother said I would make a good street Walker only because I would take the men
back to the room and hit him over the head with a frying pan and take his

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About the Author

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C.T. Andersen, a loving mother, has completed her new book “Love Devotion Hell”: an evocative account that declares God’s life-changing purpose for each person and
his promise of deliverance from demons that hinder his love.

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