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Maré and Monica: The Best of Both Worlds by Gianni Shamari - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Maré and Monica: The Best of Both Worlds
Gianni Shamari

Genre: Erotica

Publisher: Emerging Edge Publishing

Date of Publication: May 20, 2019


Word Count: 46,630

Cover Artist: bo_mak

Book Description:

Maré and Monica are the ultimate
duo when it comes to pleasuring beautiful women. Dubbed the Best of Both
Worlds, their pussy conquests are not only legendary, but epic! Adult film
stars, glamour models and exotic beauties cannot get enough of the "Best
of Both Worlds Experience" that leaves them trembling and writhing from
the hot ecstasy that overwhelmed their luscious bodies.

The King of New York and The
Predator are the greatest when it comes to sex.
These 18 short stories tell the
tale of this dynamic duo's greatest sexual conquests and how they bonded over
the years with each venture. Illicit trysts, hot lesbian action and explicitly
dirty encounters are all in this collection of champagne erotica where it feels
like you're in an action-packed erotic motion picture starring "Nature
Boy" Maré and Monica "The Predator" Hershel. The Best of Both

Excerpt  1

“If I were to
make your favorite dessert, what would it be?”
“Oh, shit this
is a hard one because I’m a serious fat ass at heart.” Honey laughed.
“Honestly, I really LOVE homemade cinnamon rolls.”
“Great.” Maré
continued. “I can make those. I have a roommate. Her name is Monica, nicknamed
The Predator. She looks exactly like Ruby Rose. She’s cool! Don’t worry, we
never had sex and she’s not my friend with benefits. Monica is my homie!”
“That’s good to
know.” Honey said.
“Her specialty
is cunnilingus.” Maré hinted.
Honey blushed.
“Interesting… I hope I meet her.”
In less than an
hour, they entered One57, nicknamed “The Billionaire Building”, and soon walked
inside the duplex penthouse. After removing their sneakers, Maré put his arms
around Honey’s waist and gave her a tour of the extravagant apartment that
occupied the 89th and 90th floors. The 360-degree views of Manhattan, the open
living and dining rooms, eat-in chef’s kitchen with a hidden ceiling TV, and
home theater really blew her away. The lifestyle of the King of New York was
something a woman like her can easily get used to.
After the tour,
they walked inside Maré’s master bedroom that had stunning views of Central
Park. Honey was still in awe of his $100 million pad that floated above
“Six bedrooms, 7
baths, library and one impressive art collection that I have ever seen,” Honey
continued. “You really are the epitome of living your best life, Nature Boy!”

“I’m the king of
the city that’s living on top of the world. My blessings always keep me in a
great mood.”
“You know what
I’m in the mood for?”
“I’m in the mood
to do that dream scene with you.” She said, with a nuance of huskiness in her
tone. “I want you now, Nature Boy!”
“Oh, yeah.” Maré
licked his lips. “The best curve on a girl is her smile.”
Smiling, Maré
clutched his muscular arms around her toned sweaty waist. They locked their
lips in a French kiss, fondling each other along. The mood added erotic color
to the cool ambiance of bedroom.
Monica looked
leggy in her teeny black shorts as she entered the duplex. Her raven black
short hair was groomed in a side-parted pixie cut that framed her pretty face.
As she got closer to Maré’s bedroom, she could hear the sounds that hinted what
was going on inside. Monica already knew that Maré was having a go with an eye
“Sorry guys, I
didn’t mean to intrude!” She said, gesturing up, as soon as the bedroom door
closed behind her.
“Hey, what’s
up?” Maré spoke up, laughing.
“I’m good. I
just came back from a walk.” Monica continued. “I like when a beautiful honey
is out with her man and she mean mugging me because she thinks I want her man.
Silly! Never did she know I too adore her assets!”
Maré laughed
again. “You’re damn true! This is my exotic goddess, named Honey.”
After an
exclamation, they both exchanged smiles and greetings. Monica was about to
leave the bedroom to take a shower until Honey said, “No, please stay! You’re
so cute. Erm... mind if you watch us fuck?”
“Oh, really?”
Maré was at the same time surprised and excited.

About the Author:

New York native Gianni Shamari
coined the term “champagne erotica”, which is fast-paced erotic stories that
captures the celebration of the champagne lifestyle with hip-hop flavor. He
made his publishing debut with the erotic tale, "Another Best Erotic Night
Of My Life" in the 2016 The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology.
Gianni has been writing for Bare Back Magazine for six years.
His novellas Monica Hershel:
Predator on Top and His Highness, the Philogynist impressed many readers.
Gianni Shamari recently released his third erotic novella, Maré & Monica:
The Best of Both Worlds, which promises to be his best novella. He is currently
working on a few projects that he plans to release in late 2019 and 2020.

Tour Giveaway

1 $15 Amazon gift card will be
given away to someone who joins Emerging Edge Publishing’s newsletter
 and for tweeting the following Tweet:

Maré & Monica: The Best of Both Worlds by @GianniShamari is #ChampagneErotica:
“Fast-paced erotic stories that captures the celebration of the champagne
lifestyle with hip-hop flavor”
#RETWEEET @EmergingEdge #EroticStories @Natasha_Brooks

*One winner will be selected on
June 1, 2019 from a random drawing. Winner will be notified via email and will
receive a free $15 Amazon gift card via email shortly afterwards. The winner’s
name will be posted on our social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.

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