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Son of the Moon by Jennifer Macaire - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Son of the Moon

Alexander the Great journeys to India, where he and Ashley are welcomed with feasts and treachery.
With their son, Paul, being worshiped as the Son of the Moon, and Alexander’s looming death, Ashley considers the unthinkable: how to save them and whether she dares to cheat Fate?
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 Alexander sat back and watched us for a while. His face reflecting the contentment I felt. “I want to talk to Sharwah some more, I don’t think he told us everything,” he said.
“I agree. There’s something odd about all this.” I glanced out the tent flap that Axiom had raised. Dawn was just beginning to break and the sky was streaked with salmon pink. “It is a beautiful place, how is it that it doesn’t seem to have a king or an army? Every place I’ve been before there have been fortifications, guards, a satrap, or a king. What is this place? Where’s the temple? I looked last night when we walked through the village, but I didn’t see one.”
“It is strange. And I’ll tell you something else that’s strange, the people don’t look like any people I’ve ever seen.”
I frowned. “It’s like in this book I read. There was a valley with a rushing stream and a lake, where elves lived.”
“What are they?”
“They’re sort of like a nymph or a sprite. Except they’re not immortal.” I tried to remember the story. “They’re magic, they make magic weapons. That’s it. Maybe Sharwah is an elf.”
“You won’t believe in water nymphs but you’re sitting there telling me about things called nelfs that make magic weapons?” He made a droll face. “Maybe I can ask for a magic spear that will strike down my enemies, or a flaming sword, and then I’ll be the king of kings.”
“Believe me, you don’t want to be the king of kings. And it’s not a nelf, it’s an elf.”
“That’s what I said.” He leaned over and kissed Chiron on the back of his neck. “I love that spot. It’s so soft, and smells so good.” He moved his mouth over and grabbed my nipple again. “And I love this too,” he said. Then he sighed. “I hope my ankle will heal soon; staying in bed in the morning is definitely tiring me out.”
“What do you mean? We’re just sitting here.”
“Has Chiron finished?”
“Yes, I think so.”
“And is Paul’s breakfast ready?”
I leaned over and looked. Axiom had set food on the table. “Yes, it looks like it.”
“Good. Brazza?” he motioned to him. “Can you take Chiron now? And Paul?” He waited until Brazza took the children then he leaned over and drew the curtain. “This is what I mean,” he said, and his eyes were dark with desire.

Author Bio –  Jennifer Macaire lives with her husband, three children, & various dogs & horses. She loves cooking, eating chocolate, growing herbs and flowering plants on her balcony, and playing golf. She grew up in upstate New York, Samoa, and the Virgin Islands. She graduated from St. Peter and Paul high school in St. Thomas and moved to NYC where she modeled for five years for Elite. She met her husband at the polo club. All that is true. But she mostly likes to make up stories.

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