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Spine Chillers by Q.L. Pearce - Book Review

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The town of Saltlick Bluff is famous for an urban legend. Does the spirit of a young girl wait on a misty cliff-hugging highway for her ride to the prom? In the house on Beech Street a terrible tragedy occurred. Now neighbors won't look at the place as they pass. Those who live nearby draw their blinds and shutter their windows after dark. What are they afraid of? Hale Hallow Woods seems sinister and menacing even in the light of day. Does a thirst for revenge beat near its dark heart? The answers lie within these pages, just waiting to send a chill up your spine!

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My Review
Spine Chillers is a fun collection of short horror stories that will excite and thrill younger kids (I'd say 8-13 is the age range). I have been a fan of the author since I was a kid, having collected her Scary Stories for Sleepovers series books when I was younger (I still own some of them as an adult, and I still love them). Spine Chillers amused me and brought back the nostalgia I remember from when I first discovered the books. This is a good set of stories that will send tingles down one's spine, for sure. I just wish a couple of the stories hadn't been as...silly, I guess. There were one or two I was a little disappointed with, but that's just me. I'd recommend it to parents who want to introduce their kids to tame horror, to adults who remember how fun it was to be scared as a kid, and to kids who are looking for something different to read. 4 stars.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.  

Author Bio
Q.L.Pearce is the author of more than 120 books for young readers, from picture books to YA, as well as film tie-in books for the Fox animated film Titan AE and the Universal animated series Land Before Time.

Red Bird Sings: The Story of Zitkala Sa (Carolrhoda Books, with co-author and illustrator, Gina Capaldi), received several awards including a Carter G. Woodson Book Award gold medal from NCSS and a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award gold medal. Her fiction includes the popular middle grade series, Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs italisize (Price, Stern, Sloan).

Q believes strongly in the value of scary books for young readers. When asked what credentials she has which qualify her as an expert in this area she replies, "I was a child once. That was very scary."

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