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Stolen Dreams by HG Lynch - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Stolen Dreams

Unfortunate Blood

Book Six

HG Lynch

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing

Date of Publication: 17 May 2019

Number of pages: approx 400
Word Count: 106,000

Cover Artist: HG Lynch

Tagline: The final chance to mend their broken dreams…

Book Description:

Having left her life at Acorn Hills behind, Ember tries to pick up the pieces of her heart at home in Scotland. Reuniting with old friends, working a normal job, hiding her fangs...

But while fake smiles fill her days, nightmares plague her nights, re-opening the wounds she's tried so hard to heal.

Left behind in Acorn Hills, Reid spirals into a deep depression, becoming more and more self-destructive. Until Hiro takes pity on him and comes up with a solution to the hollowness left by Ember's absence: get her back.

With the way Ember left, Reid knows it won't be easy to win back his Firefly, but he will do it. He has to.

Otherwise, an eternity without her isn't something he could live with.

Reid was in
jail. Not the first time, probably not the last. He was there mostly by choice
anyway; if he’d wanted, he could have compelled the police officer who’d pulled
him over for drunk driving to let him go.
He’d been
driving recklessly on his motorbike, almost hoping for a crash; A few broken
bones, a splintered tree, pain that could be quantified and fixed with simple
medication, unlike the gaping wound where his heart used to be.
He’d thought
that being in a cell would distract him, give him something else to think about
other than the burning pain inside him, seeing as the drink hadn’t numbed it,
but he’d been wrong. Of course he’d been wrong. He couldn’t remember the last
time he’d been right, felt right.
Reid sighed,
staring at the dull, grey ceiling of his cell. But staring at the dirty stone
ceiling of his cell was no different than staring at the white ceiling of his
dorm room, except that here there was no chance of Ricky showing up to stare
mournfully at him through those pitying green-blue eyes of his.
And that was
another reason Reid had chosen to spend the night behind bars; He was avoiding
Ricky. Avoiding everyone actually, but Ricky especially. He’d been avoiding
Ricky all day, in fact. It was why he’d gone out to the bar, and spent hours in
the pool before that. Why? Because Ricky knew what day it was, and he’d likely
have something to say about his moping, maybe even have planned something for
it, and Reid just wasn’t in the mood.
It was the 9th
of May. This day last year had been awesome, the year before that even better
but this year…Reid just wanted to sink into a drunken oblivion and he couldn’t
even do that.
The fact that it
was his birthday didn’t excite him, it just depressed him further. His
eighteenth birthday. It was a big event for humans, almost even bigger for a
born vampire like himself. Born vampires stopped aging at eighteen.
After today,
Reid wouldn’t age another day, ever. He was stuck like this forever. He would
always have the face of an angel, carefully toned muscles, and hair like golden
silk that would never go grey. It wasn’t a bad way to look for the rest of
eternity…it just didn’t mean anything to him anymore.

His own appearance didn’t matter when he still had images of her burned into his brain.

About the Author:

HG Lynch is a Scottish paranormal romance author who lives with her boyfriend, five adorable bunnies and Tonto the cat. Her books are dark romances with feisty heroines and smoulderingly sexy men.


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