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The Courage to Aspire by Chuks I. Ndukwe - Book Blitz

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Thoughts on Moments of Love, Kindness, Encouragement, and Aspiration

Memoir, Motivational
Publisher: Ikebiebooks
Published: March 2019

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A twelve year boy stands in front of his class, beside a science demonstration
table in his sixth grade classroom with electric switch in his hand. Nobody had
ever seen electric light in his village before. With windows closed and the
door shut, He turns the light on—enthralled by the flood of light that
illuminated the classroom, he screams, “I want to become an electrical engineer
when I grow up.

His innocent utterance seemed little more than a fantasy because his family could
not fund his education beyond primary school. Suddenly everything changed; his
teacher helped him gain admission to a tuition-free technical high school where
he won a scholarship to a technical college.

In this captivating and inspirational memoir, Chuks I. Ndukwe recounts vividly the
moments and acts of love, kindness, and encouragement that put him on the path
to success.

About the Author

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Chuks I. Ndukwe, once a sought after engineer in the High Tech industry, graduated
from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and worked for such
companies as Codex Corporation, USRobotics, ADC Telecom, and Lucent
Technologies mentoring junior engineers and managing research and development

During his career, Ndukwe demonstrated strong strategic management skills. His problem
solving skills earned him “Key Contributor Award” at ADC Telecom, Minnetonka
Minnesota. Utilizing his team building expertise, he built strong team of
engineers that performed above expectations—designing such technologies as
caller identification, modems, routers, and Internet gateways.

Ndukwe is now retired and lives in Newark, New Jersey where he devotes his time
writing to inspire others.

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