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The Divorce Recovery Ladder by Susan Shofer - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Parenting, Relationships, Divorce, Nonfiction
Date Published: May 1, 2019

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Are you looking for a guide on how to handle the frightening and isolating
experience of divorce? Knowing how challenging and complex divorce can be,
Susan Shofer leads you on a safe path to take control of your divorce, learn
which battles are worth fighting, and those that are not?

From thorny legal issues to your emotional, mental, and financial well-being, The
Divorce Recovery Ladder: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Successfully Climb Out of
Your Divorce is the ONLY DIVORCE GUIDE that answers in a straightforward and
pragmatic manner your most burning questions about ALL ASPECTS OF DIVORCE.
Along with Susan’s personal divorce, her experience in the financial industry
and a twenty-five-year career as a private investigator brings you sensible ways
to navigate the divorce recovery journey.

Divorce does not have to be financially devastating nor does it have to leave families
fractured and shattered. On the contrary, it can be an empowering opportunity
for personal growth and finding out what you really want in life. That's why
this insightful and thorough divorce book will show you how to:

• Deal with a contentious (ex)spouse

• Find the best attorney

• Best handle attorneys and evidence

• Be prepared for and make a good impression during court appearances

• Recognize retaliation

• Organize your finances

• Understand settlements

• Cope with parental alienation

• Make the most out of custody and self-parenting

• Stay healthy and energetic through self-care

• Boost up your self-confidence and self-esteem so you can start dating again

Susan’s wisdom and humor forces that enabled her to climb out of her own longstanding
contentious divorce shine throughout each chapter of this must-read book for
every divorcee out there, turning –The Divorce Recovery Ladder: Your
Step-By-Step Guide to Successfully Climb Out of Your Divorce – into a helpful
and enjoyable reading.

The Divorce Recovery Ladder Guide is interactive and includes downloadable PDFs
that will help you stay organized and on-track, understanding, and taking
control of your divorce process.


The chaos that surrounded me, during my divorce, was so overwhelming that each day
I clambered to find some semblance of order in my life.  My energies were pulled in so many different directions that I didn’t know where to turn.
I felt inundated with demands and responsibilities.  I became ineffective at everything I did as I tried to work, maintain our family home, and meet the needs of my two very traumatized children.

I felt like I was an island unto myself and knew that my children and I would
suffer if I was unable to organize our lives.
To get us on task I purchased a binder, notebook paper and pack of
dividers to start.  In the binder, I made
sections for each area of my divorce process - one for legal, finance, therapy,
the children, and self-care.  The more
organized I became, even if only from a very surface stance, my overall
perspective shifted from one of despair to that of hope.  Don’t get me wrong, despite being organized I
still had a huge hill to climb.  Putting
things into order enabled me to compartmentalize each area of the divorce and
tackle the issues head on as methodically and rationally as possible.

My life, as I had known it for years, was no longer the same and my future was
uncertain.  I had been thrown a huge
curve ball when my ex-husband walked out on the children and me with checkbook
in hand.  However, I knew that as long as
I was organized, I could handle whatever came my way. This workbook is designed
to help you structure your life so that you do not cave from the perils of divorce.

The Divorce Recovery Ladder is the program that I would have benefitted from during
my divorce.  From the very beginning of
my divorce, I envisioned myself climbing a ladder, starting at the bottom rung
where I stood bare, raw, and exposed.  As
I progressed through my journey, step by step, I eventually rose to the top of
the ladder - strong and confident. This imagery, along with the actual work,
made me triumphant. This is the process I want to share with you.

The Divorce Recovery Ladder Workbook is divided into two sections.  The first section defines divorce and its key
components.  The second section is
comprehensive; interactive with checklists and charts (available as a free
download on my website) to help you better organize your life so that you may
maintain physical, and financial balance. Even the subtle suggestions made in
the workbook can help restore your life to a place of comfort and solace.  The workbook is short and very effective.

About the Author

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Susan Shofer is an author, divorce expert, and speaker with many stories to draw
upon. She brings a quick wit and humor to her presentations alongside a
positive outlook for any situation no matter how bleak it may seem.

As a divorce and custody ally, Susan helped many women and men navigate the
troubled waters of family breakup by sharing her own organized and pragmatic
approach to the divorce process.  

Susan has a master’s degree in Business from Johns Hopkins University and a
bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland. She has over twenty years’
experience as an agency licensed private investigator with emphasis on
corporation investigations that included fraud, workers compensation, and
insurance liability fraud investigations. Her personal experience and expertise
in Parental Alienation as a licensed private investigator gives her a unique
ability to instructor attorneys on how to approach and tackle it including how
to recognize it early to mitigate it before it starts.

Susan Shofer successfully crossed her own highly contentious divorce and post-divorce
battle and was triumphant in her fight against Parental Alienation. Despite
that long, contentious journey she now has an amicable relationship with her
ex-husband. She is a single mother to her two thriving children, both in college.

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