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The Refugee by Tony D. Jones - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Val is an ordinary boy in an ordinary city, until one day he wakes up shocked to find that suddenly neither of those things is true. He finds himself stranded in a fantastical world of magic and mystery, struggling to cope as he is blindsided by one unexpected revelation after another. He was struck by lightning? He’s in a parallel dimension? His new friends aren’t human? He’s not human either? Each discovery is somehow more bizarre than the last, and every answer only yields more questions.
As Val is struggling to get a grip on his new situation, a disastrous encounter flips his already shaky reality completely upside down. A critical mistake turns him into a fugitive, hurling him into an extraordinary adventure fraught with grave peril, mortal terror, and heart-pounding excitement. Accompanied by an increasingly unusual band of reliable friends and unexpected allies, Val must run (and fight) for his life as he comes to terms with this new world and his place in it.

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Jennifer's Review
It's a very good, exciting book that can't be put down till the end. 
It's about a young boy who is hit by lightning that struck a tree and left a burn pattern on his shoulder. He wakes up to find he is lost. He then meets Galia (and another person), who helps him find out who and what he is. Soon they are on the run from DEATH who wants the lightning boy for a reason. 
He and Galia and a couple of others join together to escape to safety. Do they make it, and what does DEATH want him for? 
4 stars. 

Author Bio
Tony D Jones is an avid story hunter, and spends most of his time reading and writing books, watching movies, and playing narrative video games. Outside of his search for fascinating tales, he also enjoys martial arts training, eating absurd amounts of food, and occasionally playing guitar.

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