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The Universal Mind by Peter Weisz - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Universal Mind
by Peter Weisz

Speculative Non-fiction, Spiritual, Mystical 

Are we all slaves to a gross illusion? Who are we? What is the mind, what
is consciousness and what is reality? This book offers educated
answers and explanations to all these questions and more. This book
motivates the reader to reconsider everything they think they know
about themselves and the world today, examining the different models
of creation, evolution of humanity and the universe, the essence of
matter and of life itself, exploring all manner of scientific,
theological, psychological and philosophical and metaphysical
hypotheses and offering insights into ancient mystical wisdom and the
road to enlightenment. Can it be, that this complex, living,
breathing, sophisticated, opinionated, creative and conscious entity
that we call human, is made up merely from a few invisible atoms of
nothingness? We are not simply made from flesh and blood - we are
beings of an infinity of dimensions, too vast to contemplate, but our
brains and our senses are only able to perceive that which is rooted
in matter, for that is the substance from which we believe we are
made. What we call reality, is most definitely not what it appears to be.

Your discussions and arguments regarding evolution or creation serve only to fuel your separation. You need not take one side or the other for it is clear and certain that both are true, and that evolution exists as a creation. Man did not appear in a sudden whiff of magician’s smoke but has developed from the basic movement of minerals and matter that has been brought into being from the Universal Mind. The consciousness of instinct alone is not enough to be able to experience the Universal Mind and therefore you evolved from the movement to the proton to the atom to the molecule to the cell and then to the moulds and bacteria, then to the instinctual beings on the level of insects, and then to the higher beings who make choices and then ultimately to the human existence which gives you the first freedom to question your own being and existence and ultimately to reconnect with the Universal Mind. This is the progression of consciousness in matter. But you still argue amongst yourselves, the scientists attempting to prove the theologians wrong, and the theologians and preachers translating words from ancient texts, infusing them with their own meanings and expounding them as facts to vilify the scientists and satisfy their own cravings for knowledge, personal satisfaction and power. But both speak only of the nonsense that their muddled brains construct in an effort to make sense of their own trivial, unsatisfactory and puerile existences. They are all lost in the quagmire of their own convoluted calculations or feeble notions and false guarantees, wasting their time and energies in endless arguments and wars, each trying to prove the other wrong. I say to you; do not seek proof, for proof is not truth - and one proof will always be dissolved in the light of a newer proof, therefore rendering all proofs nothing more than temporary falsehoods.”

Peter Weisz (Dip Psych, HND, BACP) was born in London, England in 1961 and practices as a
psychoanalyst and therapist, specializing in psychodynamics and the
study of the subconscious and unconscious mind. He majored in
psychology, music, English language and literature. He is the
founding director of “One 2 One Counseling”, an organization offering personal
therapeutic support to those with emotional and psychological
disorders. He has worked at a number of private rehabilitation
facilities and treatment centres since 1998 including the world renowned
Priory Clinic in London, England. Peter is knowledgeable in ancient and
contemporary philosophy, transcendental thought, general science,
theology and mystical & esoteric writings, both classical and
modern. He has also worked as a professional musician, singer/songwriter, producer and stage director for 25 years, travelling the world with a variety of bands and is the
founding director of “A Major Events”, a music production company in Cape Town, South
Africa, where he currently resides.

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