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Ting-A-Ling: The Old Ambulance by Harry Goldstar - Book Tour & Review

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Ting-A-Ling: The Old Ambulance
by Harry Goldstar

Welcome to the world of Ting-a-Ling. The friendliest old ambulance there ever was. With line drawn illustrations for YOU to colour in helping you to familiarise yourself personally, with Ting-a-Ling, his owner and restorer Alf, his mum, and Mr .Grimsby the boss of the big ambulance station. Open the cover and jump into a whole NEW world of ambulance stories and adventures.

Designed in a quirky style encompassing story telling entertainment colouring and education suitable for both younger readers and adults alike. Truly an all in one compendium. Just like the filling in a sandwich, the best bit’s inside.

Simple and easy to read. The stories are written with a smattering of comical northern dialect in bite size chapters so as not to be taxing on the brain.

Have difficulty in reading? Written by a dyslexic who knows what a struggle it can be. This book really is here to help YOU!
If Ting-a-Ling had wings I would say welcome to the flying start. This book is the first in a series in the making where you will meet Ting-a-Ling and his friends.

TRY ME. If not for yourself. Think of someone else. Possibly a little person who the stories are written for.

You will love Ting-a-Ling. EVERYONE does!

Information about the Book
Title: Ting-A-Ling: The Old Ambulance
Author: Harry Goldstar
Release Date: 30th April 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 50
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
Ting-A-Ling: The Old Ambulance is a fun little children's book that will appeal to everyone. It's about a gman named Alf who discovers an old, rotting ambulance in a field. He decides to take it and restore it back to its former glory. And restore it he does. Everyone loves Ting-a-Ling.
I thought the illustrations were simple and added to the enjoyment of the story. Following Alf on his journey to fix Ting-A-Ling was nice, and I also liked that it's technically two stories in one. There's the main story, with Alf finding Ting-A-Ling, and then a secondary story where the Mayor comes out to officially name Ting-A-Ling and give him a call sign. 

My 4-year-old son seemed to like sitting with me and reading this book, and I know it will delight kids of all ages. I'm giving Ting-A-Ling 5 stars.

Author Information
Born in Lincolnshire, the author draws on his northern roots with northern colloquialisms throughout these stories. As a child, the author was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease which he fought head on, however it has affected every day of his life since. A keen lover of older vehicles and all things transportation. The author has a practical, hands on approach, and fascination of how they work along with a love of the tools required in general. The author is an active supporting member of a prestigious living historic steam railway run as a charity for the benefit of others. He is also a volunteer trustee of a disability information service empowering the less able to live better and fulfilling lives and trying to change the perception of disability. He currently resides in King's Lynn.

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