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Warlord by Cyndi Friberg - Book Blitz

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Outcasts Book 5
Sci-fi Romance
Date Published:  May 4, 2019
Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books

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When Shivon Roxtin tries to incite a rebellion among the human females on the
Outcast planet, she's sent to the Relentless. The ship's commander, Warlord
Torak Payne, thrives on challenge, so he's looking forward to taming the fiery
human. Still, war with the Sarronti is creeping ever closer, and the last thing
he needs is an unruly mate. Tempers flare, and sparks fly from the moment they
first meet. Their battle of wills is quickly surpassed by their consuming need
for each other, but can they channel the emotional intensity into something
constructive before they're consumed by the flames?

Other Books in the Outcasts Series

 photo Heretic 1_zpsbx4b5glm.jpg
Outcasts, Book 1
Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books
Published: April 2018

Restless and embittered by an abusive past, Arton the Heretic finds himself in a battle
of wills with Lily, a gorgeous geneticist. She holds the key to the future of
his people, but she was brought to this savage world against her will and
that’s an insult she’ll not soon forget. Their attraction is instantaneous and
intense, yet each has valid reasons for mistrusting the other. He wants her, is
consumed with the need to claim her, but he can’t focus on the future until he
deals with the past.

 photo Marauder_zps8rpos00z.jpg
Outcasts, Book 2
Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books
Published: June 28, 2018

Rex Dravon, a notorious smuggler, is one of the Outcasts’ most important allies.
Many of the Outcasts’ philosophies and approaches to life in general appeal to
him, but he’s hesitant to commit to any cause. Hoping to entice Rex into
committing, Arton the Heretic, tells Rex that he is genetically compatible with
one of the “captive brides”, a feisty blonde named Thea Cline.

Thea is still enraged that she was dragged from Earth without her permission, and
she’s recovering from a horrendous tragedy. She sneaks aboard the Marauder
hoping to steal a weapon. Instead she’s confronted by the ship’s handsome
commander. She knows to be wary of Rex because of his reputation, but she’s
instantly, and powerfully, drawn to him. His offer to help her escape comes a
little too quickly and she fears he has ulterior motives. Is he simply hoping
to lure her into his bed—a fate she’s not sure she’d mind—or is his motivation
more nefarious?

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Outcasts, Book 3
Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books
Published: September 2018

Xorran, a famed tracker, is sent to find two human females kidnapped by the Outcasts’
enemy. His search seems futile until he encounters Sara and a feisty battle cat
cub. He’s fascinated by the tiny animal, but feels an immediate and powerful
connection with the wisecracking human.

Sara is still angry about being brought to the Outcasts’ planet without her
permission, yet her stubbornness is no match for “the pull”. As they work
together to rescue her friend, their passion flares ever hotter. Can Xorran
prove to Sara that he wants more than a torrid affair? Now that he’s found a
potential mate, he will settle for nothing less than forever.

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Outcasts Book 4
Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books
Published: January 2019

Torrin’s simple mission is seriously complicated when he finds Arrista, a lovely
Sarronti female, in need of rescue. The Sarronti resent the Outcasts and
continually sabotage their efforts to build a settlement on the primitive
planet. But Arrista isn’t just any Sarronti. She’s the personal servant of one
of the most powerful Sarronti. The information Arrista can provide would be
vitally important to the Outcasts, so Torrin is ordered to use their mutual
attraction to question her.

Arrista has been taught to fear and mistrust the savage Outcasts, so why does she find
Torrin so fascinating, so desirable? It’s not just his muscular body and rugged
features. He is kinder and more protective than any male she has ever known.
She is drawn to him by a force so compelling it leaves her no choice but
surrender. She wants him, needs him, but can she trust him not to break her heart?

Note to Readers: This book contains detailed descriptions of sizzling passion only
suitable for mature readers. Certain plot elements carry on from book to book.
Though Assassin can be read as a standalone, it’s more fun to read the series in order.

About the Author

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Passionate Sci-Fi with a touch of danger and a whole lot of sass. Cyndi has written about
rock stars, vampires, and cat shifters, but she's currently focused on outer
space. Her stories are fun, fast-paced, and seriously hot. She has made the USA
Today Top 100, and every book in the Battle Born series landed on Amazon's Top
100. She is currently working on Outcasts, a spin-off series set in the Battle
Born universe.

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