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Death at the Dakota by M.K. Graff - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Marni Graff writes two award-winning mystery series: The Nora Tierney English Mysteries and The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries. She teaches writing workshops and mentors the Writers Read program, and is Managing Editor of Bridle Path Press. 

Graff also writes the crime review blog Auntie M Writes,

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Nurse Trudy Genova is making plans to
take her relationship to NYPD detective Ned O'Malley to the next level, when
she lands a gig as medical consultant on a film shoot at the famed Dakota
apartment building in Manhattan, which John Lennon once called home. Then star
Monica Kiley goes missing, a cast member turns up dead, and it appears Trudy
might be next. Meanwhile Ned tackles a mysterious murder case in which the
victim is burned beyond recognition. When his investigations lead him back to
the Dakota, Trudy finds herself wondering: how can she fall in love if she
can't even survive?

Readers of Death Unscripted, the first
book in the Trudy Genova Manhattan Mystery series, will find the same pleasures
in this sequel: fast pacing, engaging characters, twists and turns on the way
to a satisfying close. From the award-winning author of The Nora Tierney
English Mysteries, this second series is a winner. Once again M.K. Graff
reveals her talents in crafting this delightful mix of amateur sleuth and
police procedural.

Part procedural, part cozy, Death at
the Dakota is a well-crafted and highly entertaining mystery
.- Bruce Robert
Coffin, #1 bestselling author of the Detective Byron mysteries.  

I fell in love -- not only with
co-protagonists, Trudy and Ned, the richly detailed and historic setting of The
Dakota, and the unique cast of characters, but with the unusual plot of Death
at the Dakota.
Sherry Harris, Agatha Award nominated author of the Sarah
Winston Garage Sale Mysteries


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Ned left the dining room and wandered
back toward the living room, certain Trudy had said she would be here today,
but he hadn’t seen her yet.

A cluster of people stood around an
actress in a filmy white wedding dress standing near one of the tall windows.
From Trudy’s description, he thought the man who fussed with arranging the back
of the gauzy gown must be the costume designer, Rashid Something. Troy
Benedict, dressed in tuxedo pants with his shirt hanging open, stood off to one
side, tapping his fingers on the top of the grand piano. Meg approached him
with a handful of shirt studs and a bow tie.

Afternoon sun cast muted fingers of
light into the room, where three still photographers ringed around the woman,
snapping away as of Phin Hill-Yorke directed. Egan and another man Ned knew to
be Perry King stood on the other side of the room, hovering. Ned had seen the
salt-and-pepper-haired King on his popular morning show, and was surprised by
how much shorter he looked in person. But then Monica was petite, like Trudy,
and King would look taller on television next to her.

The director’s assistant stood off to
one side, out of camera range, holding a bouquet of flowers. Ned approached
China and asked if she’d seen Trudy Genova. The woman grinned widely.

“Yes, I’ve seen her, and so have you,
detective.” China gestured toward the actress.

“I suppose that fall will do,” Phin
said, appraising the bride. “Turn away from the window a bit, please,” she
instructed, and the bride turned slightly.

Trudy! Ned watched her move and
recognized her profile. She wore a wig of blonde curls and the front of her
hair had been sprayed a lighter blonde.

“Give her the flowers, China,” Phin
continued, and China handed the lavish bouquet to Trudy. “And toward me a bit
more, please.”

The cameras whirred and clicked once
Trudy accepted the bouquet and moved into place. She noticed Ned and a bright
red flush spread up her neck and into her face.

“Stop snapping! Trudy, what the hell—”
Phin remonstrated, and turned to look in the direction of Trudy’s focus. When
she saw Ned, the director nodded sagely. “Ah, the penny drops.”

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