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Haven Divided by Josh de Lioncourt - Audio Book Tour

New Audio Series Blog Tour: The Dragon’s Brood Cycle by Josh de Lioncourt

Author: Josh de Lioncourt

Narrator: Reay Kaplan

Length: 16 hours 44 minutes

Series: The Dragon's Brood Cycle, Volume 2

Released: Feb. 19, 2019

Publisher: Draconis Entertainment

Genre: Fantasy

Emily Haven and her friends have been given the seemingly impossible task of uniting the worlds - a mission they failed once before, in another lifetime. But Emily made a promise, and she intends to keep it. A small boy risked his life to save hers, and while Michael sets out to rejoin the Dragon’s Brood, she heads east with Celine and Corbbmacc to rescue Daniel from a band of desert slavers.

Time does not stand still, however, and the dark legends are true. They deal in blue fire; they deal in death; and they travel through the long nights on autumn winds. Samhain has come, and this year, the harvest will be in blood, gold, and souls.

Josh de Lioncourt, a proud Ravenclaw, enjoys creative projects in a variety of fields, including fiction, music, software development, blogging, and more. He has written on Apple accessibility for Macworld and Maccessibility, hosts or participates regularly on several podcasts, and writes and records music with Molly, his wife. Josh enjoys the works of Stephen King, the music of George Michael, Masters of the Universe, and Los Angeles Kings hockey. He also happens to be blind.
Haven Lost (Book One) is available for review through the ADOPT-AN-AUDIOBOOK program. Request your copy today!

Top 10 List
Josh de Lioncourt's Top Ten Fantasy Series
Choosing my top ten fantasy novels is challenging. First, I've probably read thousands of them throughout my life. Second, many of my favorites are series, which means you could rapidly fill up a top ten list with a series or two. Third, what exactly constitutes "fantasy"? Everyone seems to have a different definition. Some people include only Sword and Sorcery novels, ignoring all of fantasy's many sub-genres.

For the purposes of this list, therefore, I have followed these rules:
  • Series are lumped together as a single entry.
  • My definition of "fantasy" encompasses all its many permutations.
  • This list comprises my top ten as of the day I'm writing it and can change at any time based on my mood, memory, or whim.
So, without further delay, here are my personal top ten favorite fantasy novels (mostly series).

10 -- Earthsea series by Ursula K. Le Guin

9 -- Halfmoon Hollow (series) by Molly Harper

8 -- Shades of Gray by Jasper Fforde

7 -- The Legend of Eli Monpress (series) by Rachel Aaron

6 -- Heartstrikers (series) by Rachel Aaron

5 -- Lives of the Mayfair Witches (series) by Anne Rice

4 -- Super Powereds (series) by Drew Hayes

3 -- Harry Potter (series) by J. K. Rowling

2 -- The Vampire Chronicles (series) by Anne Rice

1 -- The Dark Tower (series) by Stephen King

P.S. Yes, I cheated a bit with my number one. The Dark Tower series effectively encompasses virtually everything Stephen King has ever written. I'm okay with that!

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