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Impeccable Petunia Series by Katie Christine - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Relegated to a life without hope for anything more than a squalid existence at the bottom of the pecking order, Petunia, a backyard chicken, lives out her days in a flock where gossip flows as currency, with malice at its heart and boredom by its side. Petunia’s plight seems insurmountable until a strange woman’s tears hurl her through a labyrinth that she never anticipated and into a friendship she might not survive. 

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Jennifer's Review
Impeccable Petunia Part I is a good book about a black and white chicken who is one day taken into the house where the owner gets her help designing her kitchen. 
Petunia also gets out in the henhouse and tells stories to the other chickens. Two of the mean chickens soon get into a fight and are injured, and only Petunia gets carried by the cat to the owner and then gets shut out until another chicken is brought in. 
What happens next starts in the second book. 
3 stars

Haunted by her near death at the beak of the maniacal Bernadette, Petunia, the backyard chicken, confronts betrayal at the hands of her beloved human, Silkie, and the uncertain future of her unlikely champion, the obstreperous blue-eyed feline, Macy.

As The Two Tails opens, the flock descends into a spiral of death and disappearance. Ensnared by a rapacious raccoon and desperate for a way out, Petunia throws herself at the mercy of the dark, open road with little more than gumption, a pair of useless wings, and a dubious companion as her guide.

Steeped in tension and brimming with humor, Impeccable Petunia is an unflinching exploration of the vulnerable, the powerless, and the entanglements that define our closest bonds as mothers, daughters, sisters and friends, all through the eyes of a remarkable hen who can’t seem to learn her place.

In this life, there’s always a pecking order. 

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Jennifer's Review
Impeccable Petunia Part II is a good book that picks up from where the first left off. Just when the chickens think they are safe, a raccoon comes after them and kills one of them then blames it on the cat who ends up going to the pound. 
Petunia the chicken decides to save him, so she teams up with a couple other animals to find him and bring him home. 
The other chickens take charge and appoint a bad chicken as the boss. What happens next to them and how Petunia gets the cat back, if at all, you'll have to read this book to find out. 
3 stars. 

Author Bio
From a young age Katie's parents instilled in her a love of animals and art. She has many fond childhood memories of long summer afternoons spent curled up in a quiet corner of the local library. She lives outside Seattle, Washington with her husband/illustrator, Jonathan Edward, their Super-Sheltie, Niles and cats, Frankenstein and Penelope.

Katie Christine holds degrees from UCLA and USC, enjoys the outdoors, gardening, reading, and discovering new music.

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