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The Fading by Linda Taimre - Guest Blogger Book Review

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A dark, fast-paced novella set in dystopian Australia that questions your humanity…

Something is awake.

Harriet’s wife, Katherine, is dying from an insidious virus that threatens humanity – and this is not just any disease. This virus makes people literally disappear, swallowed by a rapidly evolving enemy. Desperate to find a way to save her love, Harriet must move fast to discover a cure. She’ll strive to find a way to defeat the virus before it takes Katherine, no matter the cost.

A cost that Lady Trinh, head of the Australian government, cannot bear. From her seat in Brisbane's protectorate, a pollution-free haven for the lucky few, Lady Trinh will go to any lengths to protect her people – and not only from the virus. For her, failure is not an option, and loose threads must be quickly cut.

Something is awake. And it wants to feed.

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Jennifer's Review
The Fading was a very good book to read. 
It's about a virus named Joe(a female) also known as BX59. It does not exist except in the void. It "eats' people and their consciousness, and they call it the fading because the people no longer are on Earth.
The scientist who created it wanted to save it, but others wanted it killed. Harriet soon learns her girlfriend is being eaten and tries to save her. But can she? Do they ever come back? Do they ever kill the virus? Read this book to find out.  
4 stars. 

Author Bio
I'm an Australian author who writes speculative fiction - anything supernatural, fantastical and futuristic.

In the past, I've been an actor, corporate improvement analyst, teacher, producer, and operations manager. Nowadays, I'm also interested in neuropsychology, though I still love an occasional theatrical stint. 

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