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The Naked Truth by Maggie Aldrich - Guest Blogger Book Review

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The love of her life.  A mysterious note. An uninvited guest.
What do these things all have in common?
They show up at Emily Potens’ wedding.
Emily’s parents died two years ago in a tragic one-car accident. No witnesses. No bodies. Just a car pulled from the bayou.
Ready to settle into her comfortable new life after that tumultuous time, the arrival of a strange note— supposedly penned by her father—makes Emily holler out a big “What the #$@%*?!” Are her parents alive? If so, why are they hiding?
Determined to find the truth, she sets out on a wild goose chase with new husband Michael and Fritz, zany private investigator, in tow. There’s just one problem. She’s on her honeymoon.
With Fritz snoring on their couch, Michael tempting her to bed with his smoldering eyes, and a television reporter sniffing around looking for a breakout story, it’s all Emily can do to maintain her sanity. Between trysts with her new hubby, Emily performs some amateur sleuthing of her own, and what she begins to uncover shocks her to the core. Will Emily be able to strip fact from fiction to find out the naked truth?
Come find out in this fun-filled, action-packed sequel to the 2018 release, It’s All Greek to Me.

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Jennifer's Review
**possible spoilers from book 1**
The Naked Truth is a good book that picks up from the first book called It's All Greek to Me.
Michael and Emily get an invitation to go on a trip to have a honeymoon, and after the wedding, Emily learns her dad is alive, so when she and Michael are on their honeymoon, they go looking for her dad and soon learn shocking secrets about him.
What they learn, you will have to read this book for yourself to find out. 
4 stars

Author Bio
Maggie Aldrich is an avid reader, freelance writer, and yoga instructor who tends to catastrophize all situations.

"Good grief, you should become a writer, you're always making stuff up!" her family said. And so, she did.

Winner of the 2017 Bess Streeter Aldrich Short Story Competition - Adult Division, Maggie lives on an acreage in middle America with her husband, daughter, cats, and other various unattended wild animals.

It's All Greek to Me is her first novel, available at

Visit for access to promos and free download days, and to see what all the fuss is about!

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