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The Shifter Chronicles by Michelle Areaux - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Shifter Chronicles Book 1
by Michelle Areaux

YA Fantasy Romance Thriller 

How well do you know yourself? Sixteen-year-old Elle thinks she's got
life in Shady Oaks all under control until new boy Asher comes to
town. Elle can't explain it, but she can't deny the connection she
feels to him. Things with Asher are going great until they're out one
night and nearly attacked by a large wolf.
Before she knows it, Elle's life is spiraling out of control: Maddox is in
love with her, she and Asher are in danger… and she learns she's a
shifter! If that wasn't bad enough, she finds herself in the middle
of an ages-old war between shifters and hunters. What else can she do
but join the cause?
Will Elle stay with Asher or break-up with him to be with Maddox? What
does it mean to be a shifter? Who will emerge victorious in the battle?

The Shifter Chronicles Book 2

Sixteen-year-old Elle's life changed in a matter of seconds after learning she wasn't
only human, but a shifter too. To make matters worse, her best friend
Maddox and boyfriend Asher have a mutual hate for one another that
leaves Elle in the middle of their constant battles.
With a new discovery now lingering over Elle, she is left with more
questions than she ever could have imagined. Thinking she has found a
way to handle her new found life as a shifter, she now finds herself
faced with a much larger challenge.
A huntress named Evaline is now seeking to destroy all shifters and
vampires as she makes it her goal to avenge her father's death and
end all otherworldly creatures once and for all.
Will Elle be able to survive the army now seeking to destroy her world?
Will Elle be forced to choose between her best friend and boyfriend?
Discover a new fantasy world with Everpure, the second book in the Evershade
Shifter Chronicles.

The Shifter Chronicles Book 3

For Elle, she thought the day she learned she was a Shifter was the most
frustrating day of her life. Well, that was until she found herself
in the middle of a war between her best friend and boyfriend.
Now, everything is about to change for this trio as a known Witch in Shady
Oaks has decided to wage a war against the Shifters and Otherworldly
This time, Elle may find herself battling with new powers and without her
trusted best friend, Maddox.
Discover how hearts are broken and mended in this exciting third installment
of the Shifter Chronicles, Evernight.

Once Laney was gone, Loraine looked over at her family and I saw a fear strike her. Something inside of Loraine changed the moment Laney was gone. Falling to her knees, Loraine began to weep as anguish overtook her body. Rushing to her, the Witches fell with their grandmother and embraced her in a hug. As we all stood by and watched the reunion, it was almost comforting to see how this family that was once torn and full of hatred had found a way back to one another. I guess one person really can throw off the whole dynamic of a group; and when that happens, it is hard not to allow a cloud of judgment and hatred to overshadow the love that was once there. Now that Laney was gone and her spell disappeared with her, Loraine was able to see who really did love her. I believed Loraine was changed and would return back to the woman they had all once loved. The storm had died down and the sky was beginning to lose the darkness as the sun began to filter back into the afternoon sky.”

The Shifter Chronicles Book 4

When Elle discovers a new Shifter in town, she doesn’t expect her entire
world to be turned upside down. Between Elle’s new powers placing
her in even more danger, Magdalyn taking her best friend, Maddox, and
new enemies; all odds seem to be against Elle.
With Maddox now falling for Magdalyn, Elle has to fight a new battle;
jealousy. Not to mention, Asher, the Vampire love of her life, is
still pushing for Elle to decide on her fate for eternity.
Will Elle let her own jealousy distract her? Will she fall victim to her
enemies? Find out in this thrilling novel; Everlight.

Michelle Areaux is a wife, mother, middle school teacher, and author. As an
avid reader and lover of all things literature, she followed her
dream of becoming a published author and has never looked back!
She earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Kentucky and a
Master’s degree in Literacy from Asbury University.

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  1. I love all of the covers. Beautiful art. I'd like to start the series with Evershade The Shifter Chronicles Book 1.


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