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The Sydney St. John Mysteries by Cary Osborne - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Oklahoma Winds
The Sydney St. John Mysteries Book 1
by Cary Osborne


In Oklahoma, spring brings storms raging across the American prairie,
too often spawning tornadoes that lash the land. But this spring
Sydney St. John finds herself fighting for her life against another
danger, one from the past. When her intern's body is discovered in
the archives processing room, everyone wants to believe the girl's
death was an accident or a horrible mistake. But Sydney sets out to
discover whether the cruel murder of today resulted from another
crime committed nearly seventy years earlier, searching for clues as
only an archivist can. Her search leads her to another danger,
different, in the person of Ben Bartlett, grandson of the creator of
the very collection at the center of the mystery. Is he to be her
lover? Or her murderer?

OKLAHOMA WINDS is an engrossing thriller that reveals the inexorable links
present-day events (and crimes) always have to the past. We are
forever connected to the history that brought us to where we are now,
and unraveling the tangled truths of that history can shed a 
brilliant light on who we have become. Yes, OKLAHOMA WINDS is a
murder mystery, and a fascinating one. But it's also a testament to
the power of the past over our lives. Having had some experience with
research librarians and archivists, I've always known they were some
of the most brilliant (yet unsung) detectives among us . . . and the
protagonist of OKLAHOMA WINDS is long-overdue proof of that. Sydney
St. John does for archivists what Indiana Jones did for
archaeologists -- and I can't wait to see what mysteries she'll tackle next!
--Brad Denton, author of Blackburn and Sergeant Chip

Oklohoma Winter: Black Ice
The Sydney St. John Mysteries Book 2

Oklahoma, the state that ranks second as most dangerous in the U.S. when it
comes to weather. Too often, the wind comes sweeping down the plain,
with a vengeance. In winter, black ice glides onto the roads, barely
seen, and when the wheels of a vehicle run onto it, a driver had best beware.

It’s winter in Oklahoma, and Sydney St. John finds murder among the papers
of the Filmore County Historical Archives. The collection is that of
Carl Blair, rancher, politician, father, and husband, who ruled his
land and his family without the need for compassion, or love.
Although gone these many years, his grandchildren and Lawrence, his
only surviving son, still suffer from his cruelty and heavy hand.
It's Sydney who must untangle the web that begins with racism and
murder. Ben Bartlett her lover, still living in California, is
helpless to save her from natural disasters and festering family hatred.

Saving Souls
The Sydney St. John Mysteries Book 3

Sydney St. John, still living and working in Gansel, Oklahoma, hopes to
never be involved in a murder investigation again. She plans on being
content with organizing the historical documents in the Filmore
County Historical Archives. But when Patrick O’Kelley, preaching to
no one on the corner opposite the archives in twenty-degree weather,
is found murdered, her curiosity once again gets the better of her.

The facts she discovers lead her to hidden gold, oil rights, and Edward
Capeheart O’Kelley, the man who shot Bob Ford, Jesse James’s
killer. What does the murder in the late 1800s have to do with
Patrick O’Kelley’s death in the 21st century?

As she began closing things down, she realized that the preacher was silent. Was he done for the day? Most likely, as the temperature was already dropping further. Was he coming back tomorrow? Not that it mattered. She was curious enough to think of going across to introduce herself and ask his name. Maybe the next time she saw Otis, she might ask him. That was her stock in trade: curiosity and seeking information.
            She gathered her things together, turned out the lights, and turned the night lights on. She set the alarm, then gathered her coat more tightly around her as she stepped out the side door to the parking lot. First thing she noticed was that the pickup truck still sat on the other corner.
            Guess he’s just folded his tent, she thought. Must be inside the truck, trying to get warm.
            But there was no sign of exhaust nor engine noise. The depth of the cold made sound seem sharper, so if the vehicle was running, she would hear it.
She shrugged and pressed the remote unlock button on the CR-V. Opening the back door, she put her bags on the seat. As she started to close the door, she heard a sound, a moan. She turned toward the street and made out a black mound lying on the ground near the rear wheel of the pickup.   Immediately suspicious, she reached into her purse on the seat and grabbed her cell phone. She closed the car door and walked across the street to investigate.
                        The glow from the street light wasn’t bright enough to see the figure clearly, but in the glow from the flashlight on her phone, she could see that it was the preacher lying there. She dialed 9-1-1, then knelt down to see if there was a pulse. Checking the carotid first, she detected nothing. His skin was cool. He’d been dead only a short while, she guessed.
            When the emergency operator came on line, she asked for an ambulance and the sheriff. She stamped her feet, trying to keep them from going numb while she waited.
It wasn’t long before Sheriff Otis pulled up in his black SUV. He got out and walked over to her.
“Not again, Sydney.”

Cary Osborne has been writing for more than two decades, delving into
many genres including science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, and
romance. Having once been told that there aren't enough generalists
in the world, and having an interest in many worldly aspects, makes
it difficult to settle into a single mold. Ancient history, being one
of those interests, she uses her studies in the subjects and
backgrounds for her stories, both long and short.

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