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Chef in Disguise by M.J. O'Shea - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Sizzling In The Kitchen Series

Book #1 - Chef In The Wild - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link
Book #2 - Chef Vs Chef - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link
Book #3 - Chef On Top - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link


Will Harrington had never treated a famous person before. Not really. Not until golden boy Shawn Farrell, star college quarterback and soon to be NFL draftee, came in with an injured shoulder and hundreds of people’s hopes and dreams on his back.

Shawn Ferrell never wanted to be a star football player. As unlikely as it sounds, it just kind of… happened. Now he’s stuck in the middle of a whole world he doesn’t really understand and surrounded by people who don’t actually know him.

Shawn would’ve never guessed that meeting one adorable physical therapist with a sarcastic mouth and a quirky group of small-town friends would help him find a way to be who he’s always wanted to be… a chef.

MJ O’Shea has never met a music festival, paintbrush, or flower crown she can stay away from. She loves rainstorms and a perfect cup of tea, beach days, music, bright colors, and more than anything a cozy evening with a really great book.

She is from the Pacific Northwest. While she still lives there and loves it, MJ has the heart of a wanderer. So she puts all her dreams of far off places and extraordinary people in her books.

Except for every once in a while when she does what all travellers have to do on occasion… come home.

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