When her best friend Sophie goes missing, 12-year-old Ruby Tabeata has a choice: wait for her friend to come home or defy her parents and find Sophie.

Set during the 1950s Blacklist era when writers like Sophie’s mom were being jailed or fired, Fool’s Errand sends Ruby out of her city and her comfort zone.

With nothing to rely on but her grit and determination, Ruby has to outsmart the men chasing Sophie and her mom—discovering that whether or not you succeed, trying to save a friend is never a fool’s errand.

Read part one of this middle-grade Beat Street Series, The Beat on Ruby’s Street, to learn how Ruby’s story begins.

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Jennifer's Review  
It's a good book that picks up after the first book, The Beat on Ruby's Street. 
It's now focusing on Ruby's friend, Sophie, and her mother as they try to escape the bad guys who want the mother to testify about communism and against her friends. 
Ruby tries to help, but fails. 
So what happens to Sophie and her mom? Read on to find out. 
3 stars.

Author Bio
Jenna Zark is a columnist, lyricist, and playwright. Her play A Body of Water was published by Dramatists Play Service and produced regionally after its debut at Circle Repertory in
New York. Other plays were produced in the Twin Cities, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and St. Louis. As a columnist at TC Jewfolk, Zark writes about her relationships to Jewish holidays, rituals, and more. Columns have been reprinted in MinnPost, the Star Tribune, the Forward, and elsewhere. Literary essays and poems appeared in FieldReport and Stoneboat; articles have appeared in Woodbury magazine, Minnesota Bride and Midwest Home. Zark is also a member of the songwriting collective Prosody. She is still trying to figure out if it’s harder to write a play, novel or a song. To share your thoughts on that or learn more, please visit