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If Nothing Else, Eve, We've Enjoyed the Fruit by Elaine Pascale - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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If Nothing Else, Eve, We've Enjoyed the Fruit
by Elaine Pascale


What happens when a kept woman refuses to take her ridatemp and begins
thinking for herself? In If Nothing Else, Eve, We've Enjoyed the
Fruit; she begins talking to bunches of grapes and cantaloupe that
convince her to commit murder. Through her visitations with fruit,
the woman learns that a gender war can be reversed by traveling back
in time and eradicating the Tree of Knowledge and its villainous
apples. The fruit persuade her by telling her four other stories:

Boys Will be Boys: 
A spa is turned into a concentration camp: just don't ride the elevators!

Ripped to Shreds:
Pregnant Jody Burkhoff's body is changing rapidly, but not as quickly
as the lupine metamorphosis of her husband. First the neighborhood
animals are mutilated, then the neighbors are viciously murdered.
Which proves to be more dangerous, a monstrous creature or a hormonal woman?

Khaki Barlow enters a pageant in which only one woman survives. She
must complete tasks that are both mentally and physically daunting,
all while trying to learn the meaning of the words left by the
eliminated: I am here. Does she face incredible fears? Does a
one-legged duck swim in a circle?

The Prison of a Man:
Told as an ethnographical project, Lara Thomas researches the deaths
of shoppers at a mall embedded in a small town, and encounters the
legendary Goat Man.

If Nothing Else (Prologue):
Readers learn the final decision in the gender war.

If Nothing Else, Eve, We've Enjoyed the Fruit is an oddly strange collection of four short stories told to the main character by some fruit. Yes, I did say fruit. Honestly, this book is hard to describe. At least at the beginning. It's a bit wild, but once the short stories start, it gets to be weirdly fascinating. 
I think my favorite of the short stories is The Prison of a Man. It's a complete mindf*ck, and it's told from multiple points of view. Set in a mall in a small town with a legend about a goat man, I was both disturbed and intrigued. I don't do well with goats (they're a big fear for me), and the thought of a goat man horrifies me, but crazily enough, this story was my favorite. It's definitely out there.
I also liked O, although I wish that had ended differently. It makes sense the way it did, but I still wanted something a bit more, I guess.
Boys Will be Boys and Ripped to Shreds were okay. I just wanted the former to be fleshed out more. The premise behind that story is definitely unique, and I really wish it had been a full formed idea-turned-novel instead. And Ripped to Shreds was just...okay.
Overall, if you like horror (especially short horror stories) or eclectic fiction that will mess with your head, you'll want to check out Eve. 
3.5 stars from me.

Elaine Pascale has been writing for most of her life. She took a break from
fiction in order to give birth to two children and complete a
doctoral dissertation. She lives on Cape Cod, MA, with her husband,
son and daughter. She teaches a variety of courses at a private
university in Boston: from English Composition and Communications to
a Vampire Seminar. Her writing has been published in Allegory
Magazine, Dark Fire Magazine, and several anthologies. She is the
author of If Nothing Else, Eve, We've Enjoyed the Fruit, and is also
the author of the nonfiction book: Metamorphosis: Identity Outcomes
in International Student Adaptation--A Grounded Theory Study. She
enjoys a robust full moon, chocolate, and collecting cats.

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