Friday, August 16, 2019


Kaya: Where Have You Gone by C.A. Nicholas - Guest Blogger Book Review


Warning: This book contains distressing violence including the rape of a child, intense thematic elements, and brief strong language. 

C.A. Nicholas is a literary and musical artist. 

Hope, love, and perseverance infuse his works; ready to embrace anyone who feels enchained within an endless dimension of loneliness. Though not all of his stories may have happily ever afters, take heart in knowing that there is a humanity enriching purpose to any of his possibly devastating conclusions. 

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Jennifer's Review
Kaya: Where Have You Gone is a good book. 
It's about a girl named Kaya who is bullied by another girl because that girl was abused by her uncle.
The bully feels like she has to be tough to hide what happened. 
Kaya learns to escape into her imagination, and she and her mother invent stories which the author narrates throughout the book. 

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