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Natural Solutions for Cancer by Sudhir Ahluwalia - Guest Blogger Book Review

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The failure of modern medicine to find a satisfactory and cost-effective solution to cancer has led many patients turn to complementary alternative medicine for relief. Patients and caregivers both need to get a balanced, scientific evidence-based view of the various nature-based solutions on offer. The book is divided into two parts: fundamental principles and herbs used in treating cancer.

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Jennifer's Review
Natural Solutions for Cancer is very interesting book to read.
It's about natural plants, trees, herbs, and different ways to kill cancer cells and other ailments. 
It's a bit difficult to read with big words, but a very good book if you want to try natural remedies to help combat cancer cells. 

Author Bio
Sudhir Ahluwalia is an ex forester and business consultant. He has served as a member of the Indian Forest Service, as Global Head in business consultancy in Tata Consultancy Services and adviser to multiple companies.

He is an author of multiple books on natural products.
His titles available on Amazon are:
1)Holy Herbs: Modern Connections to Ancient Plants
2)Asian Herbs
3)Natural Solutions for Cancer.

His titles in Hindi are:
1) Culinary Herbs (Khadya Masale)

His webpage is

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