Thursday, August 29, 2019

Salvaging Truth by Joanne Jaytanie - Book Tour + Giveaway

Salvaging Truth
Hunters & Seekers Book 1
by Joanne Jaytanie

Romantic Suspense, Action, Adventure

"A sprightly plotted thriller and dynamic characters should leave
readers eager for the sequel."
-Kirkus Reviews

The world could be transformed if Riley can only stay alive long enough.

Most parents leave you a house, a car, or money when they die. Riley's mom
left her a treasure hunt with a mysterious payoff. Now everyone seems
to want a piece of Riley and her inheritance: the university, the
military, mega corporations, and Russian spies.

Riley needs help to solve her mother's murder, and Dagger Easton's salvage
and investigation company comes to her rescue. Retired SEAL, private
eye, and leader of a diving and salvage team, Dagger promises to
protect Riley with his life. But as the value of her mother's
research becomes clear, Riley begins to believe there's no one she
can trust--not with her life, her heart, or her mother's legacy.

The man looked up, his magnetic topaz-colored eyes skimming over Samuels and locking onto Riley’s. “Hope you don’t mind. My day started at the crack of dawn. I finished my prior work early and decided to come straight here rather than return to my office.” His gaze never wavered. “You look like your mother.”
“Dagger Eastin, this is Riley Rawlings,” Samuels said as he walked to his desk and sat in his chair. “We’re planning on hiring Mr. Eastin’s company as our investigators for our missing research vessel.”
“Are you referring to the sunken vessel the Coast Guard is currently involved with?” Dagger asked.
“Yes,” Samuels said.

“Then I’m afraid my company will have to pass on your offer.”

Joanne was born and raised in Sherburne, New York, a quaint village surrounded by dairy
farms and rolling hills. From the moment she could read she wanted to
explore the world. During her college years, she slowly crept across
the country, stopping along the way in Oklahoma, California, and
finally Washington State, which she now proudly calls home. She lives
with her husband and Dobermans, in their home located on the Olympic
Peninsula with a panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains.
Joanne writes romantic suspense, paranormal, mystery-thriller, supernatural
suspense, and contemporary romance. She loves to submerge herself in
the world of her characters, to live and breathe their lives and
marvel at their decisions and predicaments. She enjoys a wide variety
of books including paranormal, suspense, thriller, and of course romance.
Joanne is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America, (RWA), Kiss of Death, (KOD),
Greater Seattle Romance Writers Chapter, (GSRWA), Sisters In Crime
(SIC), and Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal, (FFPRWA). She served
as President of Peninsula Romance Writers, which was Debbie
Macomber’s home chapter.

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