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The Chronicler and Mr. Smith by Angie Martin - Guest Blogger Book Review

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The truth is deadlier than fiction. 
When the mysterious Mr. Smith enters romance author Madison Shaw’s life, she is thrust into danger she thought only belonged in books. Though they clash at first sight, she places her fate in his hands when unknown forces threaten her survival. 

Paranormal events push Madison to leave behind a world where monsters don’t exist – not even in fiction. With Mr. Smith as her guide, she discovers the truth about her destiny and the things that go bump in the night. Can she survive her new reality, or will she fall prey to the creatures lurking in the shadows? 

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Jennifer's Review
The Chronicler and Mr. Smith is a very good book. 
It's about an author named Madison who meets Mr Smith at a book signing. She soon starts feeling a need to scratch, and Mr. Smith tells her when it starts to burn to call him, but she does not.
He later gets her and saves her life from things that want to kill her, and she soon learns exactly what she is and about what her life will be like for the rest of her life. 
What is it and who is she exactly? 
4 stars

Author Bio

I live in the Inland Empire area of California with my husband and beloved pets. I also have sons off paving their own way in the world. I grew up in Wichita, Kansas and have lived all over the United States.

I have released several novels in the suspense/thriller, paranormal/supernatural thriller, and horror genres. I also have poetry and short story collections and have contributed short stories to multiple anthologies. Conduit has earned Bestseller on Amazon in the US and UK. Conduit, The Boys Club, and Chrysalis have all won highly respected awards, while Conduit, The Boys Club, and False Security have also had blogger and reader-voted awards bestowed upon them.

As a reader first, writer second, I love to discover new authors. My entire life has revolved around imaginary worlds contained within the covers of a book. My aunt introduced me to Stephen King and a little book called Christine in eighth grade, and my life was never the same. As a geek-extraordinaire, I love comics and graphic novels, and also review those, along with the occasional movie and book, as a guest contributor for Fanbase Press.

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