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The Dreaded Groak by Peta Lemon - Book Review

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The time has come for Hazel the rat to leave his mum and make it on his own in the big, wide world.
Hapless Hazel must learn how to build a nest and find food.  Hazel must also watch out for the DREADED GROAK, the most feared and loathsome creature in the woods.
When Hazel suddenly finds himself face to face with the dreaded groak, he is forced to confront his fears. He finds that sometimes things aren’t quite as they seem and that special friendships can be found in unexpected places.
The Dreaded Groak is a beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book, suitable for children age 3-5 years or an early reader age 6+. 
It gently introduces awareness of prejudice, discrimination (e.g. racism, disability or LGBT) and bullying and contains positive messages such as:
  • being aware of the effect of behaviour on others;
  • the importance of being kind;
  • facing up to and confronting one’s fears;
  • giving everyone a chance -  those who do can be rewarded with special friendships; those who don’t are the ones who miss out;
  • never judging a book by its cover;
  • finding friendships in unexpected places.  
The Dreaded Groak is a bright and colourful story, and the adorable groak will melt the stoniest of hearts and bring a smile to everyone’s faces.
The Dreaded Groak is published by Quirky Picture Press, an independent publishing house specialising in fun and quirky children’s picture books and colouring books.

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My Review
The Dreaded Groak is a cute children's book that teaches kids about not judging others based on their looks, and it teaches them about being kind and friendly rather than mean and bullying. 
Hazel the Rat is on his own after leaving home. But Hazel doesn't know where to go or what to do. 
He must learn how to be self-sufficient without the help of his mother, all while trying to avoid the dreaded groak. But what happens when he stumbles across the creature everyone fears?
I found this story to be lovely. It's cute, colorful, and eye-catching. It's also easy to read for beginning readers. Younger children will enjoy having their parent(s) read it to them, as the rhyming scheme is fun and easy for young children to follow along with. 
I'd recommend The Dreaded Groak to kids and parents alike. It has a great message, and it will appeal to everyone. 
5 stars from me!

Author Bio
Peta Lemon is the best-selling British author of quirky, rhyming picture books, published under the imprint Quirky Picture Press. Her books include The Fed-up Cow, Timmy on the Toilet, The Bins of Cotteridge Down and The Dreaded Groak. 

All her books are accompanied by outstanding illustrations by the hugely talented and funny illustrator, Maria Dasic Todoric.

Her books are enjoyed all around the world, including the United States, Canada, India and Japan and can be found in libraries and schools around the United Kingdom.

For further information visit 

Peta lives in London. She studied at the University of London and did a Masters at Oxford University.

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