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There's a Giraffe in my Bath by Louise Andrews - Book Tour & Review

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There’s a Giraffe in my Bath
by Louise Andrews

When four toy animals come to life, they become unlikely friends. 
The toys try to help each other out in a fun bath time adventure. 
But they might just need some extra help..! 
There's A Giraffe In My Bath! is the first story for children between the ages of 3 and 6 
by Louise Andrews. Illustrations are by Nick Roberts.

Information about the Book
Title: There’s a Giraffe in my Bath
Author: Louise Andrews
Release Date: 9th July 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 20
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Amazon Link: 

My Review
 There's a Giraffe in my Bath is an adorable rhyming children's book that showcases the power
of friendship and helping others. A (toy) giraffe is stuck in a bathtub and can't get out.
His friends (some of the other bath toys) try to assist him, but they also get stuck.
How do they get out of this silly predicament they've gotten themselves into?
I found the book to be cute and silly. It was a short, fun read that my 4-year old son enjoyed.
He giggled along with the rhyming words, and he loved the giraffe the most. That seems to be his
new favorite animal.
I would definitely recommend There's a Giraffe in my Bath to parents of young children,
and to early readers who will find the rhyming scheme and wording easy to follow.
5 stars from me!

Author Information
 Louise Andrews is a mum to two young boys, whose love for taking all manner of toys in to the bath inspired 
this story. This is the first book written by the author, who particularly enjoys creating rhyming stories for her 
children. What started as simple stories to entertain her children has become a passion for creating exciting 
stories for children everywhere.

The great news is that there’s more to come from Louise. There’s a Giraffe in my Bath has sparked the 
imagination and led to another children’s book which is currently being written, 
with more ideas for future books too.

Louise has always had a love of books and still finds time to read all types of fiction. 
Her favourite authors include; Jodi Taylor, JK Rowling, Maeve Binchy, Katherine Arden, Ben Arronovitch, 
Jill Mansell and Daphne Du Maurier. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier is Louise’s favourite book.

With two boys to look after (3 if you include the husband!), spare time is at a premium. 
But when she finds time, Louise enjoys exercise classes, discovering new box sets to binge on, music, 
cooking (and eating!) and, of course, reading and writing books.

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