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There's Something Your Son Needs to Tell You by Vernon Ennels Jr. - Book Tour

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Vernon Ennels Jr.

* Memoir *


Author: Vernon Ennels Jr.

Publisher: Xulon Press

Pages: 140

Genre: Memoir

Page six of Vernon Ennels, Jr. book, THERE’S SOMETHING YOUR SON NEEDS TO TELL YOU, reads, “still remember his face, his breath, and hear his voice demand me to 
lie on my stomach. He would down my pants my mother so proudly dressed 
me in. And then my Superman underwear…When he was done, he walked me to 
school and warned me, ‘If you tell anyone, I’ll kill your mother.’”

Author Vernon Ennels, Jr. lived with the horrible secret of being
sexually abused and ashamed for some 40 years before he was able to
recently summon the courage to tell his own family. “Studies show that
one in six men have been sexually abused,” said Mr. Ennels. “Most are
afraid to talk about it.”

This book reflects the experiences of males, specifically black
males, but encourages both men and women and those from various racial
backgrounds to recognize the signs of sexual and mental abuse and to
combat the epidemic. “My book,” emphasized Mr. Ennels, “is a mirror of
my abuse to shed light on an on-going issue to inspire others to take
immediate action when they suspect child sexual abuse. #Saveoursons is
my mission to help spread awareness and spark change to save current and
future victims of sexual child abuse.”

Forty-something Vernon Ennels, Jr. says his new book THERE’S SOMETHING YOUR SON NEEDS TO TELL YOU  is an “open letter” that prompts other men to step forward and share their
very own experiences of child sexual abuse in order to save other young
boys from the hands of an abuser.

“My moniker ‘Save Our Sons’ encourages discourse and social activism
to help boys and men who have been sexually abused,” said Mr. Ennels.
“Many, many people believed these victims were lying, making up a story
for attention. Since I am a certified ‘non-celebrity’ I wrote my book
for every child abuse victim out there who is terrified of stepping


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I went on living what probably appeared to be a typical childhood. I had friends, I played, and became a student known for his perfect attendance. Now, I know why. It was at school that I felt safe. If I was there, he could not hurt me.  
Although I found security at school, it was only five days a week for a couple of hours a day. The other times, my mind was tormented. I needed an additional safe-haven, and that’s when I found church. 
I was obsessed with being loved by my congregation and by age sixteen, I was ordained deacon.  But soon, I discovered a new form of abuse. I was taken advantage of and manipulated. And when I found the courage to share that I was sexually abused, I was told to “give it to God.” Sweeping it under the rug became my norm. I feared being labeled gay by my friends who grew up in a homophobic environment in the early 80s and grew resentful towards my father who abandoned me as a young child. 
I struggled with romantic relationships, calling off two engagements and filing for divorce. But it was when my son turned six, the same age that my childhood trauma began, that I knew it was time for me to release my pain. 
On my healing journey, I’ve developed an intimate relationship with God, sought out counseling, and found my voice. I am on a mission to expose sexual abuse, especially in the black male community where racism has led to toxic masculinity and silence around sexual abuse.  
This is my open letter and I want others to find their voices to heal too as we end this epidemic.


Vernon Ennels grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and now makes Arizona
home for he and his family. After a long day at work in the business
world…he found that writing his book was most productive in the evening
hours sitting by his swimming pool. Vernon holds a BS and an MBA in
Business Management.  “I was inspired to write my book thinking of my
own six-year-old son,” he asserted.


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