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V World by Nick Berry - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Seventeen-year-old Alex Binary doesn’t know if she should stay a girl, or appease her best friend Logan and change back into a boy. In the virtual world of Cinder, all minds must choose an identity on their eighteenth birthday. Blonde hair or black, tall or short, boy or girl. For the citizens of Cinder, the decision is crucial.

Unfortunately for Alex, it’s a decision she may never be able to make.

Zeus, a psychopathic artificial intelligence, seeks godhood through the destruction of the virtual worlds. To save them, Alex braves reality and joins forces with a group of rebel A.I.’s intent on defeating the unhinged machine. Along the way, she struggles with concepts of gender, identity, and what it means to be truly human in a world run by programs. 

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Jennifer's Review
V World is a great book to read. 
It's about a girl named Alex who is extracted from her safe v world by a machine named Artemis who needs her help to fight a machine called Zeus. Zeus is determined to eliminate all gods and humans and their worlds so that all that remains is the machines, howlers, and others like them. 
There are others who help join the fight against Zeus. Are they successful or do they fail? 
What happens to Alex? Does she get her home back? 
Read this book if you like science fiction. 
5 stars.

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