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Alice, a Memoir by Alice Gilmore - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Alice, a Memoir
by Alice Gilmore 


GENRE: Non-fiction



Few, if anyone, could have had a life like Alice Gilmore.
It was almost unbelievable yet carried on under the cover of a respectable middle-class existence.

You might strongly disapprove of what she did, but Alice was determined.
She overcame insurmountable obstacles to keep the love she longed for.

Her single-minded fight to live out her love makes a gripping, riveting story that one eminent literary
person called ‘staggeringly readable’. It is shocking. Her methods will upset some,
but are you with her or against her? Your decision.

This is no misery memoir. It’s a story told with joy, wit and fervour –
the astonishing story of the overwhelming love Alice Gilmour was determined to live out.


The taxi took me to the student pub at the university.
I went in and found a seat at the end of the bar where I could have my back to the wall and watch
what went on without it being obvious that I was doing just that. In fact I sat side on to the wall,
using the mirrors behind the bar. The place was quite quiet when I sat down but soon filled up.
It was the favourite drinking haunt of most students because the beer was very cheap and they
could take a good deal on board before going on to a disco or meal later.
I looked like someone waiting for her date to turn up, except that I hadn’t realized just how much
I stood out in that crowd of untidy garish youngsters. I looked infinitely more sophisticated and quite
a bit older. If someone had come up to me and asked me what the hell I was doing in a joint like
this I wouldn’t have been surprised. I soon spotted my prey, a six-foot, fair-haired athletic-looking
boy in trainers, jeans and tee shirt. He was not nineteen, I knew, a first-year student.
I wanted him as young as possible. David had researched him thoroughly, almost intrusively,
and probably illegally: brilliant A levels, excellent entrance papers, a keen and talented sportsman,
no known allergies or poor family health history, good looking and popular.
I wanted the father of our child to be as perfect as possible.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

If you want to know about my life and background read this book.
I can scarcely add to what I have written about myself in there.
I earnestly hope that the rest of my life is too uneventful to even consider writing anything else,
I am no novelist. The life I have described was full enough and rich enough for me.
God knows what I would come out with if I had to invent.
If you find you need a good chef I shall consider anything not too energetic –
which rules out most jobs in the kitchen.



One randomly chosen winner via rafflecopter will win a $50 Amazon/ gift card.

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