Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Running From Dust by Jess Whitby - Book Tour + Giveaway

Running From Dust
by Jess Whitby

Psychological Paranormal Thriller

"I could not put this book down." 5 Stars - Goodreads Reviewer

"An attention grabbing psychological thriller." 5 Stars - Goodreads Reviewer

Jude Craig is a level-headed teacher in a Yorkshire secondary school.
Within a matter of days her professional and personal life is
shattered by a series of strange events in her house. What starts
with the sound of papers fluttering to the floor quickly escalates to
her discovering that someone has been in the house whilst she is sleeping.

When Jude is driven out of her job and home she is
forced to discover whether she is being haunted, stalked by a pupil,
or the terrifying possibility that she is losing her mind.

He stood motionless outside the front gate. Half hidden in the shadows. This house only differed from thousands up and down the country because she lived here. The lights to her house were switched off. She would be sleeping soundly in her bed. Soon, a good night’s sleep would be a thing of the past.

Without making a sound, he crept round to the rear of the building, into the darkened back garden. Meticulously maintained, it was the perfect cover. ”

In Jude Craig’s dream-filled mind, it started with less than a whisper. A sound so imperceptible that at first, she didn’t even register it. Like an innocent baby blissfully sleeping, she was unaware that a murderous monster had entered the room. Her room. Her bedroom. 

Somewhere in the distance, a rogue firework burst into the night sky, refusing to accept that Bonfire Night had passed for another year. Two local dogs tried to rouse the neighbourhood, informing them of the intruder in the night. Apart from the gentle rustling breeze, nobody stirred. Their warning was unheeded, and the world slept on.

It had begun.”

Jess Whitby lives in Yorkshire, England. She studied Communication Studies
at University and then went on to train and work as a Youth Worker.
She now works as a Therapist in Yorkshire. When she isn't working she
is busy either writing her next novel or eating her favourite food :
chips and gravy!

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