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The Legend of Sidri by Rauf Khalilov - Book Tour & Review

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The Legend of Sidri by Rauf Khalilov

In the mythical realm of Badalonium, a young boy named Sidri lived happily with his beloved parents. But the family is shattered by an evil figure from the afar, triggering a series of events that lead Sidri on a journey of self-development, friendship, family reunions and retribution.

Information about the Book
Title: The Legend of Sidri
Author: Rauf Khalilov
Release Date: 26th September 2019
Genre: Illustrated MG
Page Count: 50
Publisher: Rauf Khalilov

My Review
The Legend of Sidri is a beautifully written and illustrated middle-grade fantasy novel about a young boy named Sidri. He has a happy life with his parents until something bad happens. Sidri is determined to put his family back together, and to do so, he must go on a journey. Along the way, he meets some unique characters who offer to assist him on his journey. Does Sidri suceed in his quest to reunite his family, or will he be alone forever?
This book is magical and wondrous, and I absolutely enjoyed it. Even though my son was a little too young to really understand it (he's 4), he liked looking at the pictures with me and listening to me as I read the story to him. 
If you have a young reader (I'd say ages 7-13) who enjoy magical stories and adventure on every page, you'll want to grab a copy of The Legend of Sidri today.
4 stars!

Author Information
Rauf Khalilov is a lawyer by profession. He lives and works in London. He is married and has two kids.  Rauf enjoys spending time away from work with his family, but when he has spare time left, he plays chess, writes poetry and music, sings, exercises and cooks. Rauf has a dream to own a farm with a lake where he would have a restaurant that would serve food produced on his own farm. He would also like to create a centre within the farm for children with special needs where they would receive education through play therapy with animals and nature.   

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