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The Love Map by Jeannie Daly-Gunter - Book Tour

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Jeannie Daly-Gunter, MA

* Self-Help *


Author: Jeannie Daly-Gunter

Publisher: Phoenix Rising Press

Pages: 232

Genre: Self-Help

If you aren’t growing together in your relationship, you are likely growing apart. The Love Map: Reignite, Reconnect and Repair Your Relationship,
gives couples a blueprint to help navigate the inevitable ups and downs
of love. This book is a practical guide, an engaging story, and a
workbook. Unlike many of the psychological relationship books on the
market today, The Love Map is a compelling ‘teaching story’.  This story
follows the marriage of the main characters, Taylor and Jaymie, as they
work through an ongoing conflict that has been weighing them down for a
year. Sophia, Taylor and Jaymie’s marriage counselor, guides the couple
through ten sessions of relationship lessons, that ultimately supports
the couple in working through their conflict. Along the way, the reader
is encouraged to do the relationship exercises at the end of each
chapter as “home play” along with Taylor and Jaymie. This comprehensive
‘self-help story’ is endearing, motivating and practical all at once. 
In addition, there are links to workbook pages and videos to support
couples in integrating the lessons in the book. The Love Map
has been recommended by therapists and those in the personal growth
industry as a powerful resource for couples wanting to deepen their
connection and create a more conscious and meaningful relationship.





You Please Just Listen?!

waited until they were settled on the couch before she continued. “During our
first session, I like to take some time for us to get to know each other. I
know this is a big deal for you to reach out for support, and I’m honored that
you have chosen to work with me. Did you watch the intro videos, and do you
have any questions for me before we dive in?” 

Taylor squirmed a
bit. “Well, I’m wondering how long this is going to take and if it’s really
going to work.” 

shot him a did-you-have-to-say-that look?

smiled. “That’s a fair question. Based on my experience, I recommend starting
with ten sessions. That gives us a chance to create a really strong foundation
of understanding and essentials for helping you communicate better, learn how
to deal with conflicts over time, and experience what it’s like to work through
some issues. Some couples need more sessions than that to start with, and it’s
something we can check in around along the way. You can also stop at any time
if you feel like this isn’t for you. Some couples prefer to meet in a
long-weekend intensive and some couples like to pace this out over time.”

makes sense,” said Jaymie, wanting to get off to a smoother start. “I like
having homework between sessions, so doing this over time makes sense to me.
You know, I would love just a bit more clarity on the differences between
coaching and therapy, just so we know what to expect.” 

said Sophia. “I know we talked a bit about this on the phone, but basically I
combine a lot of approaches based on what you need. In a nutshell, coaching
looks more toward what you want to create in the future, while counseling or
therapy excavates some of the underlying emotional undercurrents of your
present conflicts. Although a lot of couples get stuck in conflict, I think
it’s equally important to keep putting proactive energy into our relationships.
There is a saying I heard once that, ‘If you’re not growing, you’re dying.’ I
believe that is really true in love. I’d say that most couples let their
relationship flat-line at some point. They’re too busy or too stressed out
dealing with work and family to tend to their love. I like to think of my work
as a ‘jump-start’ to help couples reinvigorate their love again.” 

like that,” said Jaymie. “I think you’re right, sometimes we do get too busy
with other things we think are more important than our relationship. That’s
weird isn’t it?”

said Sophia, “I see it all the time. There are three main reasons couples come
to see me. They need to repair a conflict or betrayal, they feel emotionally
disconnected and they are growing apart, or they want to breathe love back into
their relationships. Successful couples are always doing ongoing work to
repair, reconnect, and reignite their love. 

this introduction, Taylor and Jaymie took turns explaining their perspectives
on their main conflict and how they had been arguing about the same thing for a
year. Taylor began to warm
up to Sophia and feel more engaged in the process. 

love each other and want to work through this; we just aren’t sure how,”
concluded Taylor

sighed, “Yeah, we just aren’t getting anywhere with resolving this and it’s
turned into a yelling match at times.”



Jeannie Daly-Gunter, MA is an author, speaker, relationship coach,
seminar leader and Co-Founder of The Transformative Loving® Institute.
She has facilitated personal and professional development programs for
over 25 years. Jeannie and her husband Mark have committed to walking
the path of their relationship as a personal and spiritual growth path.
Their passion is to support other couples on that path, and help them to
create the extraordinary relationship they really want. They combine
various modalities in the healing arts, rites of passage, and
psychology, to create a powerful container for couples to do their
healing work together. Jeannie and Mark make their home near the
beautiful Rocky Mountains of Boulder, Colorado.




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