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The Sailor's Tiller by Noël Wolf - Guest Blogger Book Review

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How did the most embarrassing date of my life turn into the most amazing sex of my life? Sometimes dating feels like a job and sometimes it has major benefits. Right now it’s paying off in a rocking orgasm. The boat I’m on is pitching to a different rhythm than the thrusting of my date’s hips and its making my body feel like it’s on fire.

The irony of all this heat building up while I’m surrounded by the Pacific Ocean isn’t completely lost on me. Neither are the penetrating brown eyes and bulging biceps of my modern day Sailor. Unfortunately, when we return to the marina tonight, I’ll be taking a very embarrassing item home with me in a to-go bag. And I’ll need to restart my Tinder search for happily-ever-after tomorrow. How exactly do people make love work when at our foundation, we’re all human?

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Jennifer's Review

The Sailor's Tiller is a good book. 
It's about a young woman who meets a good looking guy she names Sailboat Boy. 
They start dating, and one day the guy leaves for a few months, so the girl " dates" a guy friend but it does not work out for them. 
Later, Sailboat Boy comes back and they pick up where they left off.
 There's a surprise at the end. What is it? Read on to find out. 
4 stars

Author Bio

Noël Wolf loves beaches, boys and birds. The order changes on any given day but you'll find all three in her books which will probably make you fall in love too.

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