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The Smallest Thing by Lisa Manterfield - Audio Book Tour

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Audiobook Blog Tour: The Smallest Thing by Lisa Manterfield

Author: Lisa Manterfield

Narrator: Charlie Sanderson

Length: 8 hours and 28 minutes

Publisher: Lisa Manterfield

Released: Aug. 9, 2019

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

The very last thing 17-year-old Emmott Syddall wants is to turn out like her dad. She’s descended from 10 generations who never left their dull English village, and there’s no way she’s going to waste a perfectly good life that way. She’s moving to London and she swears she is never coming back.

But when the unexplained deaths of her neighbors force the government to quarantine the village, Em learns what it truly means to be trapped. Now, she must choose. Will she pursue her desire for freedom, at all costs, or do what’s best for the people she loves: her dad, her best friend Deb, and, to her surprise, the mysterious man in the HAZMAT suit?

Inspired by the historical story of the plague village of Eyam, this contemporary tale of friendship, community, and impossible love weaves the horrors of recent news headlines with the intimate details of how it feels to become an adult - and fall in love - in the midst of tragedy.

Lisa Manterfield is the award-winning author of Adult and Young Adult fiction.Her second novel,The Smallest Thing, was a finalist in the 2019 American Fiction Awards. Her work has appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Los Angeles Times,andPsychology Today. Originally from northern England, she now lives in Northern California with her husband and over-indulged cat. When not at her treadmill desk, she can be found pulling weeds and daydreaming in her vegetable garden. Learn more at

Top 10 List
Lisa Manterfield’s Top-Ten Tips Literary inspirations
  1. Bronte Country: I grew up in Yorkshire, like the Bronte sisters. The dark moody settings of their novels have inspired my own writing.
  2. Travel: I always carry a notebook when I travel. A place or a nugget of history can inspire an idea, or sometimes just the feeling in the air can put me in a mood to write a certain kind of story.
  3. My Local Library: Libraries are such a critical part of our communities because they give everyone access to books. I love to browse the stacks and just look at the titles and topics available. You can find a book on almost anything! It’s great for inspiring character or subject ideas.
  4. The Outdoors: I am happiest outdoors. I love trees and I love my garden. I love other people’s gardens, the coast, the forest, the hills. If ever I need inspiration, I get outdoors and walk.
  5. Joyce Carol Oates: The more I learn about this author, the more she inspires me. She’s hugely prolific, writes both novels and short stories, and is not someone whose work can be fit easily into a category. I’m taking her Master Class right now and she is inspiring me to write more than ever.
  6. Historic places: You know the expression, “If these walls could speak, the stories they’d tell”? In a way, old walls do speak. I’ve often visited historic sites and sort of felt the weight of the stories that happened there. It almost always makes me want to tell a story about the place.
  7. Book festivals: Book lovers are special and I love the energy of being around a large group of readers. It’s inspiring to hear famous authors speak, but it’s just as inspiring as an author to see voracious readers staggering around with towers of books.
  8. Writing conferences: Just as readers inspire me, being among writers always fires me up. I just attended the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference, and after four days of writing and hanging out with writers, I came home and wrote and wrote.
  9. My garden: A couple of years ago, I bought my first house with a garden. It still needs a lot of work, but in one shady corner I have a chair by a little fishpond and it’s become one of my most inspiring places to write.
  10. My Husband, aka Mr. Fab: He’s not so much an inspiration as a relentless supporter. He read something I wrote (which wasn’t very good) when we were first dating. He encouraged me to keep writing and he’s never stopped being supportive since. That support is priceless, not to mention sexy!

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