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Tigger's Arrival by Jacqueline De Carteret - Book Tour & Review

Tigger’s Arrival
by Jacqueline De Carteret

Sarah works at the animal shelter, and Tigger is a rescue cat there.
Sarah wants to take him home to live with her and her family. Will she be allowed to?
He could get up to all sorts, with the other cats. Harley, Midnight and Pumpkin.
Tigger is a real little character and loves having fun.
Come and join him and his friends, and see what they get up to.

Information about the Book
Title: Tigger’s Arrival
Author: Jacqueline De Carteret
Release Date: 3rd October 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 26
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Amazon Link: 

My Review
Tigger's Arrival is a nicely illustrated children's book about a girl named Sarah discovering a cat
named Tigger in the shelter she works at. She immediately falls in love with Tigger and wants
to bring him home to live with her and her other cats.
Does she get to adopt Tigger, or does he end up somewhere else?
I thought this was a cute story, but I did have some issues with it.
The main issue was the wrong words used a few times throughout the story. Some examples:
To instead of too; here instead of hear. There were also some issues with punctuation
(a comma after a question mark, missing quotation marks in dialogue,
and lots of misplaced/missing commas). With some proper proofreading, Tigger's Arrival will be
polished to purr-fection.
Other than those mistakes, the book is a cute, easy read that will appeal to cat lovers young and old.
3.5 stars from me.

Author Information
Jacqueline De La Haye (De Cateret is her mother’s maiden name,
and a very well-known name around the world) was born in Jersey, in the Channel Islands in 1961.
It was one of the warmest summers they had ever had. She is 58 years old and loves cats.
She is married to Kevin, and has a daughter called Sarah.
Tigger, Harley, Midnight and Pumpkin are real cats, and theirs.
She was a school Teaching Assistant, but due to an accident she had to give it up.
She took small classes.
She was one of their lunchtime assistants and looked after the computers in the afternoons.
Really wherever they needed help, Jacky was there. She really loved it.
She misses the children, and working with them.
Jacqueline is now retired and enjoys writing and collecting crystals.
She also loves to walk, and Jersey is a beautiful place to do that.
She also has quite a big house, with a beautiful back garden which is a cat's haven.
Her dream is to find a little cottage and carry on writing for children.
This is her first book, and she hopes it’s not her last.

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