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Views From the Cockpit by Ross Victory - Book Tour

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Ross Victory

* Memoir *


Author: Ross Victory

Publisher: Independent

Pages: 268

Genre: Memoir

Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son by Ross Victory
is a memoir born from pain. Intimate journal entries morph into a
phenomenal dialogue of tender father-son memories, loss, strength and
turbulence in a young boy’s life on his journey into manhood. When the
author discovers that his father is terminally ill and a victim of elder
abuse, he embarks on a journey of reflection and discovery which soars
and nosedives, chapter by chapter. Decorated in airplane analogies, with
writing you can feel, Views from the Cockpit serves as a catalyst for
readers to take perspective of their lives from the highest
point. Views is a narrative that provides emotional assurance that
readers’ unique experiences of pain, love and loss cannot be
recreated or erased, but can be processed in order to not lose sight of
their life journeys.


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Dried diarrhea
and urine were splotched across the carpet of the bedroom floor. Sections of
bed sheets were stained in indistinguishable yellow marks and unknown fluids.
The final stages of his disease were in full bloom. Bowls of half-eaten split
pea soup, days-old Cream of Wheat, and withered apple cores lay abandoned
throughout the room. A crusty, half-full, portable urinal with traces of blood
crowded his side table. The room was stale and reeked of body odors. This is
how I found him—in a crime scene of filth and neglect.

He had been living
for nearly six months in a home nestled in the hills of Northern California. He

two rooms in
the home of an Iranian used-car salesman. Serene views of San Francisco Bay
illuminated the backyard patio every night. The home was encircled in blooming
shrub roses, in shades of yellows and ruby reds, with an overgrown tomato
garden along the property border. A giant oak tree and three dusty used cars
greeted visitors as they approached the large double doors. The double doors
unveiled a living room with a cream-colored chaise lounge and matching love
seat. Oversized Persian paintings leaned graciously against the white-washed
walls. A tangerine sunset sparkled o the bay and beamed through the pane glass
doors of the lavish, unused living room. The smell of Persian spices and beef
kebab filled the home. Mysterious gray soup bubbled in the kitchen next to
large bags of rice, plates of Chinese pan-fried pancakes, and frozen bags of
what appeared to be thawing chunks of flesh-colored meat.

I walked down a
narrow, dimly lit hallway that connected his room to the living room and
bathroom. Shoes and blankets tumbled peacefully in the dryer. A ray of light
flickered from underneath the bathroom door.


Ross Victory is an American Marketing professional, travel enthusiast, and author of the new memoir, Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son.
He spent his early years collecting pens, notepads and interviewing
himself in a tape recorder. With an acute awareness for his young age,
he was eager to point out hypocrisies and character inconsistencies in
children and adults through English assignments. He delighted in
provoking a reaction from his English teachers with writing that seemed
to wink and smile.

He enjoys writing non-fiction and fiction projects–stories of
captivating, complex characters expressed in all their dimensions
usually on a path to self-discovery through suffering. After the loss of
his father, Ross has married his love for writing to create a
compelling memoir to inspire the world. Ross received his B.S. in
Business Administration & Marketing Management.


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