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Vikings Crusade by Sky Purington - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Viking’s Crusade
Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon Book Six
Sky Purington

Genre: Time Travel Shifter Romance

Date of Publication: September 17th, 2019


Number of pages: 253 pages
Word Count: 72K

Cover Artist: Tara West

Tagline: An alpha Viking dragon shifter and his fated mate struggle to save humanity in a riveting, passionate tale of courage, sacrifice, and perseverance.

Book Description:

Determined to help her sisters navigate an unraveling prophecy, Ava sets aside the sins of her past and heads to Winter Harbor only to discover she and her fated mate are the key to everything. The missing piece in an ancient vendetta that launches them on a revealing journey. A quest through time that heals old wounds and brings them closer together yet fuels the ruthless monster eager to claim her.

Pursued by their powerful enemy, Viking Soren Sigdir and Ava make their way back to what they left behind in another life. Not just a risky plot against their foe but the deep love they sacrificed so that other dragons might mate. Yet war still rages, threatening humanity. Rising up once more, they must face the darkness of dragonkind's home world and relive the crusade they once led if they hope to succeed.

Will they finally see through the Great Serpent's vendetta and win the war? Or will they have to forfeit love again to prevent their nemesis from unleashing his wrath on Midgard? Find out in Viking's Crusade, the action-packed epic conclusion of Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon.

Steamy Excerpt 

“My cousin has
always been fond of sex, and much to her parent’s chagrin makes sure everyone
knows it,” Soren said. “But she means no harm. To her, intimacy is one of the
better parts of life and should be shared often.” He glanced at Ava. “I tend to

“I’m sure you
do.” She shrugged. “I tend to think there are more important things to focus on
in life. Sure, sex is okay, but it’s not that big a deal.”

“Then you have
not been with the right partner,” he said, as blunt as his cousin.

“You don’t know
that.” She shook her head, hardly believing she was having this conversation.
“Besides, a person can have good sex then manage without it. It’s called

He led her into
a cozy nook beneath a pine with a moss covered trunk. The intimate area had a
cave of sorts carved into a monstrous rock on one side. Pine branches hung to
the ground on the other. Like all places in the Realm, soft verdant grass grew
where it shouldn’t. Not that she was complaining as she sat and looked up.

“I used to enjoy
sitting beneath the trees at my home in Lake Placid,” she mentioned, steering
the conversation away from intimacy. “Then I went off to college and never got
around to sitting under one again.”

He lit a fire
and sat beside her. “It is peaceful, yes?”

“It really is,”
she murmured. “Funny, maybe a small part of me was trying to bring that sense
of peace to the rest of the world.”

“By the sounds
of it, you did.”

“Here and
there.” Not when it mattered most, though.

“I would like to
it see someday,” he said softly. “Your life…what you accomplished.”

“You mean, look
through my mind’s eye.” She tensed at the thought. It was one thing catching
her thoughts, but to let him all the way in would mean him seeing first-hand
the atrocities she had caused. “Maybe eventually.”

“When you are
ready,” he agreed. “Though it might happen against your will as it has for some
of our kin.”

“I know.” She
met his eyes. “I guess I just want to put it off for as long as possible.” She
shook her head, realizing it was for more reasons than one. “Not just for me
but for you.”

“You are afraid
of the way I will look at you. That it will damage the way my dragon looks at
yours, the connection they are so desperate for.” He shook his head. “But it
will not, Ava. It cannot.”

“You don’t know

“I do, though.
As I said before, my dragon can only lend yours comfort and protect it,” he
said softly. “Letting me and my dragon in will not push us away but pull us
closer. It will allow us to soak up some of your pain…to help you find

“How can you
know that when you’ve never had a mate?”

“Because I have
had a mate.” He brushed the back of his knuckles along her jaw. “You.” He
searched her eyes. “Surely, you feel the growing connection. The intense bond.”

“You know I do,”
she whispered because she couldn’t quite find her voice. “Only our growing
connection isn’t giving me a sense of confidence. Instead, I feel like I’m
drawing closer to unbearable pain.” While she meant to keep it to herself, her
inner dragon prompted her tongue along. “I keep getting this nagging feeling
I’m going to lose you now that I’ve found you.”

“You cannot let that
stand in your way,” he said gently. “Instead, you have to trust it, allow the
connection. In that, you will find peace.”

“How do you

“Because I
already feel it.” His fingers trailed down the side of her neck, causing a
fresh spike of heat. “While yes, there is great risk, there is also certainty
that this is eternal. That the connection we made on Múspellsheimr is ours for
all time.” He tilted her chin until their eyes were aligned. “Our dragons will
always find their way back to each other, Ava. So even if you lose me in this
life, there will be another. I will return to you.”

He certainly had
a way with words, didn’t he? But they were true words said from his heart. She
could see it in his eyes. Sense it in his soul. More than that, she could feel
it in his tender touch.

When his lips
brushed hers, then he started to pull away, she stopped him.

“No.” She kissed
him again, wanting intimacy.
Needing it.

She straddled
his lap, cupped his cheeks, and kept kissing him. Maybe if she stayed in control
physically, she could emotionally as well.

That, she
realized the moment she felt his rock-hard dick between her thighs and her
dragon roared to the surface, was definitely wishful thinking. It wasn’t just
the contact down there but the passion of his kiss that had her emotions all
over the place. That made her want to sob with pleasure.

In fact, a tear
actually trickled down her cheek.

While she
intended to brush it away, that became the last thing on her mind when he
growled into her mouth, grabbed her ass and ground against her. Their kisses
intensified, and fierce lust coursed through her.

She began
trembling with overwhelming need.

She had never
felt this way, even in heat. Never so blindingly desperate to have a man inside
her. But then, it had been a long time. Yet this went beyond not getting laid.
Her vision hazed red, and she clutched at his jerkin, frustrated he still wore

This was
something else entirely.

It was a

frenzied craze of need that snapped any control she might have had left in half.

About the Author

Sky Purington is the bestselling author of over forty novels and novellas. A New Englander born and bred who recently moved to Virginia, Purington married her hero, has an amazing son who inspires her daily and two ultra-lovable shepherd husky mixes. Passionate for variety, Sky's vivid imagination spans several romance genres including historical, time travel, paranormal, and fantasy. Expect steamy stories teeming with protective alpha heroes and strong-minded heroines.

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Sky@SkyPurington. Interested in keeping up with Sky’s latest news and releases? Either visit Sky’s website,, subscribe to her quarterly newsletter or sign up for personalized text message alerts. Simply text 'skypurington' (no quotes, one word, all lowercase) to 74121 or visit Sky’s Sign-up Page. Texts will ONLY be sent when there is a new book release. Readers can easily opt out at any time.





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