Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Zara by Aureola - Guest Blogger Book Review


“I am Zara… and I know what it means to live in terror for my life…”

Born into an existence in which life and death walk hand in hand, abuse and an impending war throw Zara into a fight for survival in the middle of a dystopian society ravaged by insurgents, and run by drug lords, arms dealers and prostitution rings. With her innocence destroyed, she survives by building a façade that sells a lie to the world. But, when this is stripped away, she is left with one choice: a final end, a final silence… even at the cost of her life.

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Jennifer's Review
Zara is a good book about a young girl who one day learns her father killed her mother.
After he leaves, Zara and her family are forced to leave because bad men were coming for the girls. Other people try to help them, but Zara and her brother get drugged (along with the other family members) and only the kids are taken away to a place run by a very bad woman who wants to sell them to bad men. 
Zara soon escapes and has her memories of her past erased. She also finds herself in a hospital with a new family who take her in and care for her. 
What happens to her brother, her aunts, her uncle? 
Read on to find out. 

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